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Mental health awareness is perhaps one of the best things that have gained attention in the 21st century. Before this, millions of people silently battled their emotional demons and suffered from personal issues. However, in recent times, more people are coming forward and telling their stories. People are much more likely to share their experiences and get help for the issues they have been dealing with.

Though stress remains a major factor in most people’s lives, the fact that there are coping strategies to help people is a major step in the right direction. Improving and working on your mental health should be as much of a goal as your physical health. Too many people consider their physical health more important, and that’s simply a flawed way of looking at things. Trying to achieve mental clarity is an ongoing, personal quest. It involves confronting emotions, acknowledging challenges, and actively seeking understanding. It’s about building resilience, developing healthy coping mechanisms, and nurturing self-compassion. It can be about seeking professional help, engaging in mindfulness practices, or simply allowing yourself the space to feel and process

This article will help you traverse your mental health battles and perhaps reduce stress as best as you can. Even if this article doesn’t help and simply acts as a nudge for you to start working on yourself, we will consider it a job well done. With that said, please read till the end of the article to gain a series of tips you can use to help relieve stress and improve your mental health.

Understand emotional fatigue

One of the most overlooked issues that often flies under the radar is fatigue. Emotional fatigue isn’t just hard to identify; it’s hard to come to terms with. This is especially the case for social workers, mental health workers, and medical workers who see a vast range of emotionally disturbing cases during their days amongst the people they help. This is called compassion fatigue and affects more people than you may realize. When it comes to dealing with compassion fatigue, the first step is often to address that you have an issue, a factor that many people often miss out on.

Imagine spending years studying for a degree, further years invested in a career, and then having to deal with compassion fatigue. One of the best ways to tackle the issue is to seek therapy and help unpack the issue with a professional. Also, health experts suggest using CBD methods, such as, as a great way to reduce your work stress.

Who better to understand the case than a mental health worker who would have a fair idea of what you are going through?


Catharsis Is one of the best ways to get things out of your system, and perhaps the best form of catharsis is writing. Writing and documenting your thoughts is a great way to clear your head and help you formulate new thoughts. It helps you process and clear emotions that may have caused issues in the past.

Moreover, for people dealing with brain fog, it’s a great way to clear their heads and move forward with what needs to be done. Many people report feeling motivated and de-stressed and generally develop a better outlook on life after they begin journaling. There is arguably a drawback to this, though. It makes you encounter issues that you haven’t addressed. Sometimes these could be hard to handle, but then again, you need to at some point.

Start with little bits you would like to write at the end of the day. In no time, it will be a part of your routine that you can’t miss.

Clean your space

Whether it’s your home space or office area, if it’s cluttered and dirty, chances are you are going to show lower signs of productivity. You need to place yourself around positive energy, and a messy space won’t give you that.

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Decluttering your house, cleaning what needs to be cleaned, and sorting out your computer desktop might seem insignificant but can have monumental impacts on your mental health. Many people claim that switching on their computer at the beginning of the day and seeing the clutter on the screen causes them anxiety early in the morning. That certainly isn’t the way you want to start your day.

Sort your space out and get it cleaned. If there is too much to handle, consider investing once and calling in a professional to help you clean the place up.

Go outside

This is especially for individuals working in corporate jobs. Many don’t get to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on their skin. The maximum exposure to fresh air is the walk from their car to their building and vice-versa. For a few days and weeks, this may not seem like much of a big deal; however, when it becomes a constant routine, your body will beg for you to be outside.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you, consider spending as much time as you can outside on the weekends. Whether it’s in the park with your family or spending time with them at home on the patio, just get outside. Before you know it, the lack of outside exposure is going to get to you and cause major issues not just with your mental health but your physical health as well.

Human beings weren’t meant to spend their lives in artificial environments. You need to return to your roots sometimes; the solution is right there in your garden.

Do what you love

Especially for working individuals, getting time to engage with your hobbies and passions is extremely important. The happy-brain chemicals have been dormant for some of us for far too long, causing major issues in how we perceive the world. For some people, feeling good again could be as simple as a cheat meal from their ever-so-strict diet.

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The motivation behind this point is to remember that you need to put yourself first sometimes as well. As we age and fully assume adulthood, we sometimes forget that we have a personality outside work.

Remember to do what makes you feel like you. Even if it’s something as mundane as watching the Sunday night game with a cold beer, go for it!


Some of us become so used to stress that we forget that it’s even affecting us. That is what this article aims to remind you. There is a life without the stress that you once used to live. Perhaps with the tips mentioned above, you can begin to return to the life you once knew and create a more productive, motivated, and generally healthier outlook on life.

From dealing with compassion fatigue to kicking it back on the weekend, we have covered many things that we think can benefit you.