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4 Ways to Entertain Your Teenager’s Friends for a Party

Teenagers aren’t easy to entertain, and that makes it hard to host parties for your kids and their friends. Most teenagers find certain games too juvenile or boring, and it can be really hard to figure out what they’ll actually enjoy. While kids are picky, they’re not impossible, so here are some tips to keep your teen’s friends entertained at their next party.

Get Everyone Outside in the Backyard for Pizza

Hosting a party inside is great, but don’t limit the festivities to the inside of your house. Do your best to get everyone outside in the backyard or at least leave the back door open, so people know the party is also outside.

To do this, you’ll need to give people a reason to be outside. This is pretty easy when you cook the food outside. For instance, when you start cooking pizza in an outdoor pizza oven, the smell will permeate the entire backyard and probably make its way into the house. The smell of freshly baked pizza is unlike any other smell and has the power to draw people out.

The pizza company DiGiorno actually performed a study that shows people are happier when they smell pizza baking in the oven compared to when they’re actually eating a slice of pizza. Their conclusion was that baking a pizza in the oven helps people get more out of a party. This can only mean one thing: bake a pizza for all of your teen’s parties to make sure everyone stays happy.

Rest assured, eating pizza makes people happy, too. It satisfies some deep cravings, tastes amazing, and the carbs produce serotonin, which is a natural mood booster.

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Play Some Fun Party Games

Teens might scoff at a lot of things, but there a party games they’ll enjoy. For instance, just about everyone loves to play “Never Have I Ever.” The key is to keep it simple and fun. With this game, each person takes a turn saying, “never have I ever,” and then they state something they’ve never done. For example, someone might say, “never have I ever eaten a grasshopper sandwich.” If any of their friends have done that thing, they get to eat a piece of candy.

Another fun party game is “pass the peanut.” For this game, everyone stands in a line and holds a plastic spoon in their mouth from the handle. The first person in line puts something in their spoon, like a peanut or a piece of candy. Without using their hands, each person has to pass the item to the next person’s spoon.

Host a Movie Marathon

Most teenagers are easily entertained by movies. All you need to do is find a good series on Netflix or find out what movies your kid’s friends enjoy. Rent some DVDs from a local Redbox or get some from Walmart. If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime for streaming, you can stream movies easily and cheaply.

To make a movie marathon comfortable, get some bean bag chairs, giant pillows for the floor, and some blankets. Or, you can host the movies outside using a projector if it’s not too cold.

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Get the Music Right

Teens are picky about their music, and adults don’t seem to get it right. However, if you get the music wrong, your kids and their friends will probably just want to go home.

If you have the budget for a live DJ, go for it. Your kids and their friends will be pretty impressed with live music. Having a live DJ is truly an awesome experience, and when it’s for a birthday party or graduation, a live DJ will make that party unforgettable.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) hire a real DJ, let your kid be the DJ for the night. Don’t try to override their choice of music. Give them the freedom to play the type of music they’ll enjoy with their friends. If it’s too inappropriate, of course, you can say no, but there’s probably a less offensive genre they enjoy that you’d approve of.

You Can Also Ask Your Kids What They Like

Don’t forget that you can always ask your kids what they would like for entertainment. They’ll know what their friends like, and they can also ask their friends. Unless it’s a surprise party, this just might be your best bet to host a party your kids and their friends enjoy.