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5 Signs Your Toddler is Thriving in Childcare

Leaving one’s young children in the care of others can be a nerve-wracking experience for many parents, but for families living in Singapore, this aspect of childcare is made much less burdensome because of the general availability of high-quality childcare facilities and social safety nets. The city-state understands the crucial role that early childhood education plays in ensuring that the next generation of Singapore residents and citizens can maximize their potential. In addition, providing an abundance of quality childcare options encourages new parents to resume their respective functions in the workplace without interruptions. As such, it’s typical for infants as young as 3 months old to be entrusted to the capable hands of childcare providers in the country.

The wide range of facilities for early childhood education Singapore-based parents can take advantage of benefits everyone, including families who have just moved to the city-state. It might be difficult to imagine introducing your toddler to a childcare facility while your family is still adjusting to your new city, but there’s little need to worry. The educators and carers in Singapore’s childcare centers are well-trained to help young children acclimatize to their new environment and adopt new routines alongside their peers. If they are successful in doing so and your toddler is able to adjust well, you’ll be sure to see the signs. These include the following:

Your Child is Excited to Spend Another Day in the Care Facility

Young children can have different reactions to being left in a care facility. It’s not unusual for kids to experience a bit of separation anxiety, especially if it’s their first time being away from their primary caregivers. However, as soon as they discover the activities and events that they can participate in while at the daycare, they’ll realize that it’s not all bad.

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If they’re having fun at the childcare center, then there’s a good chance that they’ll start looking forward to spending time there. They’ll begin associating their time at the daycare with positive feelings, and they’ll feel excitement instead of nervousness at the thought of seeing their carers, playing with their classmates, and interacting with their environment at the childcare facility. Eventually, dropping off your toddler at their daycare will be less of a worry and more like a natural part of your regular routine.

Your Child Shares About Their Experiences in the Care Center

  • Aside from expressing their excitement, toddlers thriving in their childcare facility, such as a learning center in Dayton, OH, are also more likely to share their experiences with you or their primary caregivers at home. If your child likes telling stories, they’ll likely have many things to tell you when they get home from the childcare center. They may share stories about their activities, how naptime went, a song they learned that day, or a classmate from the learning center in Dayton, OH, who did something that stood out to them.

Your Child is Opening Up Socially and Learning Friendship Skills

As toddlers, kids are still in the process of building their social skills. At this stage, they are not likely to build lasting friendships, but they might try to interact with the people that they meet regularly, such as their teachers and classmates.

Just like adults, there are toddlers who seem to be social butterflies and can easily find their way into a group of other toddlers. At the same time, there are also those who tend to shy away from the presence of others and are less likely to lead or willingly participate in group activities. Regardless, being exposed to other children in their daycare center can help your child exercise their social skills and become more confident in facing other people. If they’ve started to do so in their childcare center, it should be welcomed as a positive development.

Your Child is More Willing to Try New Activities

Toddlers can have different attitudes toward new activities and experiences. Some of them can be naturally bold, adventurous, and more willing to try things that they’ve never done before. Others, however, might need a little more prodding and might be more willing to try new stuff if they see someone else do it first.

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In a childcare center, a toddler has plenty of opportunities to involve themselves in new activities, and this can help fuel their curiosity and make them less apprehensive about unfamiliar situations. If you see your child practicing new skills or trying out new activities at home, then that’s a good sign that they’re enjoying their time at the childcare center.

Your Child is Free from Injuries and Infections

In their toddler years, kids are still at the point where they’re mastering their motor skills. As a result, they can be a bit prone to injury. However, daycare centers are designed to be safe spaces for toddlers, which means that a thriving child should remain relatively injury-free while learning with their peers. And while toddlers still have immature immune systems that make them prone to illnesses, it doesn’t mean that it’s normal for your child to frequently acquire infections from their classmates.

Childcare facilities are supposed to provide a safe and healthy environment for young children. This includes maintaining a clean and hygienic space for their young students and providing them with nutritious food when needed. A child who is happy and cared for in their daycare should remain in good health.

If your child is healthy, happy, and excited to learn new skills, then there’s a good chance that you’ve found the right daycare facility for them. This, in turn, can help them adjust better to your new living environment in Singapore.