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How to Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable in Winter

If you live in a cold winter climate, you know how uncomfortable it can be to spend time in the bathroom. Drafty windows and tile floors can make you feel cold when you’re most vulnerable. Getting out of a warm shower is a terrible experience. And if you’re forced to spend an hour or more in the bathroom getting ready each morning, it can feel like the worst room in the house.

So what steps can you take to make your bathroom more comfortable in winter?

Start With the Basics

Before we dig into more serious upgrades, let’s talk about some of the simple habit changes and small investments you can make to instantly make your bathroom more comfortable in the winter.

Thick rugs

Chances are, your bathroom already has a handful of rugs. Why not upgrade those rugs to be thicker, cozier, and more comfortable for the winter? Purchasing a luxury bath mat will set you back more than a dollar-store counterpart, but it’s still not going to be very expensive. When you first step out of the shower, you’ll be glad that the thick rug is there.

A heated toilet seat

A heated toilet seat could be exactly what you need to feel warmer when visiting the bathroom. One of the worst experiences you’ll face in a bathroom in winter is sitting down and instantly feeling how cold the toilet seat is; this won’t be an issue if you warm up the seat beforehand.

A cozy bathrobe

Just like rugs, a luxury bathrobe is going to be more expensive than its cheaper counterpart, but it’s still going to be affordable for most people. Get a nice, warm bathrobe for yourself, so you can wrap it around you the moment you get out of the shower and dry.


Sunlight has a powerful warming effect, even in the depths of winter. Instead of relying purely on heat sources to warm up your bathroom, simply keep your curtains open to let in as much sunlight as possible. If there’s anything outside blocking the sunlight, such as a shady tree, consider removing it.

Upgrade the Windows and Insulation

If you’re willing to make bigger, more expensive upgrades to your bathroom, consider improving your windows and insulation. Oftentimes, bathrooms lose heat because of air leaks and bad insulation.

If there isn’t much insulation in your wall, if your windows haven’t been properly sealed, or if your windows are many years old and failing in their insulative capacity, an upgrade is practically the only option. Thankfully, treatments like blown-in insulation and resealing windows are inexpensive and relatively easy to manage – even as a DIYer.

Consider Installing Heated Floors

Assuming you have the budget for it, installing radiant heated floors can completely transform your bathroom experience. You’ll no longer have to worry about stepping foot on the cold tile, and the entire room will be warmer as a result. The downside is that you can usually expect to pay at least thousands of dollars for this type of upgrade.

Use a Space Heater

Space heaters aren’t always the most energy efficient option, but when heating a small space temporarily (like a bathroom when you’re getting ready in the morning), they’re almost impossible to beat. Even a small space heater, after just a few minutes, should provide enough warmth to make your bathroom much more comfortable. The only issue is you can’t leave it running throughout the day since it poses a fire hazard when left totally unattended.

Adjust Your Water Heater Settings

Take a moment to check your water heater settings.

Hot showers and baths have the potential to warm you up on even the coldest days, but if your heat is too low, you won’t see all the benefits. Different people have different preferences here, so keep playing with the temperature until you find the sweet spot for your family.

Keep the Door Closed During Your Shower

Consider keeping your bathroom door closed whenever you take a hot shower. This will trap the heat and moisture from your shower in the bathroom, allowing it to stay warmer and more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Decorate With Warm Tones

Believe it or not, being in warm-tinted light and looking at warm colors can make us subjectively feel warmer. Accordingly, you can paint your bathroom a heat-suggestive color like red or orange and install warmer-tinted lights to make your bathroom feel a few degrees warmer.

No matter what, some of your bathroom trips during the winter are going to be colder than you like and vaguely unpleasant. But if you commit to making at least a few of the upgrades in this article, you’ll be in a much better position to have a warm, comfortable experience.