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Places to Visit in Europe

Europe, in recent times, has become the dream destination for many vacationers around the globe. European countries are loaded with historical monuments, mountains, ravines, and lush green countryside. The travelers can enjoy the beautiful outdoors while skiing in the French Alps, have lip-smacking pizzas and gelato in Italy, or even get a tan while sunbathing on the French Riviera.

Spain is a paragon of high mountains, hilltop villages, and seaside cliffs. If you arrive and need to temporarily store belongings while you’re there, try out Barcelona luggage storage. Though Europe is a small continent, it still has an option of fifty countries to choose from, giving each destination tough competition and a reason to visit.

Greece is a utopian option with its beaches, the whitewashed villages, and the blue domes of the Santorini adding more magic to the vacation. Savor the beauty of Paris as you stroll along the Seine and admire the architecture of iconic landmarks. History is well preserved at the Roman relics of the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and the Spanish Steps.

Europe gives you a chance to get lost in the scenic view of the Swiss Alps.  Have a gala time while you enjoy a game of golf, or simply go hiking and explore the limestone grottoes of the Algarve in Portugal. Packages for Europe tour present an endless list of beautiful places to explore.


One of the highlights of the Europe Tour in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The Rijksmuseum is a voyage back in time to the 19th century that happens to be a museum that dates back to 1809 with the purpose of protecting the precious artwork and antiques of the nation with two hundred and fifty rooms. In addition, there is a massive library with a collection of books and manuscripts.

Van Gogh Museum is a delight for art connoisseurs, which has around two hundred paintings, five hundred drawings, and some handwritten letters of Van Gogh on display. Begijnhof is Amsterdam’s renowned “hofjes” ( almshouses ), which consists of a group of houses constructed around a secluded courtyard and modest homes for Beguines (a group of unmarried religious women ).

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Vondelpark is one of the most famous parks of Amsterdam, which was established in 1850 and is a popular place to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and jogging. Other attractions of the park include a rental skate shop, a rose garden, and also an open-air theatre. Heineken Brewery is a happening place for beer lovers. It was started in 1864, where you get a tour to understand the magic behind beer making. The Eye Film Museum is an intriguing tourist attraction where the building resembles a spaceship and is an archive of Dutch films. After visiting all of these, you may decide to try to start a small business in the Netherlands, maybe in the tourism sector where there are a lot of opportunities.


The Switzerland Tour Package takes you across the Spanish destination of Barcelona. Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital which is graced with stunning scenery along with some enchanting architectural masterpieces as well as the Mediterranean climate, which is an added charm to the beauty of the city. Antoni Gaudi was a brilliant architect who designed the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, one of the most unconventional churches in Europe, which was left unfinished and is a revered place with amazing artwork. The Gothic Quarters has carved its name for being the religious as well as a secular center of the city with remains of ancient Roman buildings.

Tourists stroll along the puzzle-like cobblestone streets and alleyways. Casa Mila or La Pedrera is a Unesco-listed heritage site and is also a work of art from the genius architect Antoni Gaudi is a building that appears like a sculpture and resembles an open quarry.  The La Rambla is the center of the social life of Barcelona, which segregates the Old Town into two parts. The Fountain of the Three Graces is located in the center, with street lamps featuring winged dragons.

Bogatell Beach is one of the best beaches in Spain; located within the confluence of Barcelona is a six hundred meters long beach with a sandy shoreline to relax, play volleyball or simply laze around the beach while sunbathing.


London is one of the most popular cities to visit in the world. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and modern attractions, it is no surprise that London attracts millions of visitors each year. From iconic landmarks like the London Eye and Big Ben to the impressive museums and beautiful parks, there is something for everyone in London. The city is the ideal location to relax and have fun because it has a variety of enjoyable pubs, bars, restaurants in Sevenoaks, and other entertainment facilities. Whether it is your first time visiting or you are a returning visitor, London is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.


The Europe Tour Packages guides you to the Alpine beauty of Switzerland with its little villages overflowing with fairy tale charm. The beauty of Switzerland lies in the snow-carpeted peaks of the Alps, shimmering azure lakes, lush green valleys, and glaciers. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland which has an endless collection of museums, a well-looked-after old town filled with medieval and Renaissance buildings.

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Uetliberg is located in Southwest Zurich at the height of 871 meters above sea level in Zurich canton and boasts of the stunning view of the Uto Kulm mountain once viewed from the top. Geneva’s main attraction for travelers is Lake Geneva or Lac Leman, a crescent-shaped lake that flows through the shared borders of France and Switzerland while overlooking the Alps. An easy way to travel from one part of the city is by using the Mouettes Genevoises motor launches that have commuted between lakeside since 1897.

Jet d’Eau, or Water Jet, has become synonymous with Geneva as a powerful pump that pushes water at the height of 145 meters with a thrust of 500 liters per second. Interlaken is the oldest and a popular summer holiday destination in Switzerland, with beautiful scenery with boat ride tours on Lake Thun and Brienz. The charm of Interlaken can be enjoyed from Harder Kulm while overlooking the two lakes.


The next scenic destination on the Switzerland Tour Packages gives you a ride to Italy. Italy is a tailor-made vacation for historic fanatics as they visit the Roman relics of Pompeii, and the romantics can’t ignore the beauty of Venice and Tuscany. The towns, art-cramped museums, churches, beaches, and scenic countryside gives Tuscany the look of being a class-apart staycation. The Gallery of Uffizi is known for its museums, palaces, and churches, with amazing views of Siena and Palio and the world-renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Naples happens to be Italy’s largest city, located in the middle of Phlegraean Fields and the volcanic region of Mount Vesuvius. It is in Naples where you find the country’s best pasta, pizza, and espresso. The street food here is all about pleasure and kneeling to insatiable hunger pangs. Amalfi Coast is a renowned coastline in southern Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno.

The coast is a stretch of fifty kilometers along the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula of the Campania region. The cliff towns of Positano and Ravello are well known for their twisting roads, which push the charm of the seaside coast a notch higher. The area is dabbed with five hundred-foot-tall cliffs, beaches, and thirteen seaside towns .