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7 Proven Ways to Make Your Kids Smarter

Raising smart children is every parent’s dream because they’re likely to end up with higher achievements later in life. All children are born smart. It’s the environment and socialization that causes the different outcomes.

It’s possible to take deliberate measures to make your children smart. Luckily, you don’t need to take your children to an expert. Below we share with you seven proven ways to make your kids smarter.

Read Together With Your Children

Reading together with your children helps them develop language skills, vocabulary, and creativity. Reading together also assists children in developing cognitive skills. Moreover, children who learn to read early are more likely to develop a reading culture as adults.

Apart from raising your children’s IQ, reading together also provides you with an opportunity to bond. Teaching children to read at an early age also empowers them with the knowledge to make informed decisions as young adults.

Enroll Them in Music Lessons

Scientific studies have shown that learning music improves IQ in children. Learning music provides the brain with the sensations it needs for memory, attention, and reading exercises. The cognitive skills children learn while playing music can translate into other areas, like improved performance in school and problem-solving.

Music also helps children connect with their emotions and learn how to regulate them. Emotionally intelligent children are likely to succeed because they know how to relate to others. Hence, it’s important for your children to master their emotions earlier on.

Exercise Their Brain

Playing brain games plays a significant role in improving cognitive ability. Puzzles like blocks are known to improve creativity. Guess what? Sites like allow your children to play various types of puzzle games online based on their age for free, which helps them become smarter.

The games mainly fall into the categories of animals and nature. Playing puzzle games online improves the ability to solve a problem. Children are in the early stages of mental development. Games like puzzles are good mental exercises that help develop children’s brains.

Teach Self Discipline

Psychologists have observed that self-discipline plays a more significant role in the success of children than IQ. Indisciplined intelligent children may find themselves in trouble as adults. This Is why teaching discipline is a critical part of raising successful children.

Teaching discipline to children entails imparting values like integrity, hard work, and respect, among others. Self-discipline is the foundation of great achievements because it makes learning easy.

Encourage Your Children to Take Part in Physical Activity

Physical activity not only makes the body fit and healthy but also improves mental functions. Physical exercises provide mental stimulation to children that improve how their brains function. Studies have shown that fit children perform better in academics than fat children.

Children can take part in physical activities such as sports and martial arts. Encourage your children to take part in physical activities to make them smart. Furthermore, physical activity also helps with muscle and bone development.

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Make Sure Your Children Eat Healthy Foods

Raising smart children also entails making sure they have enough nutritious food to eat. Children need nutritious food to grow and develop. Avoid feeding your children junk food if you want them to grow smart.

Eating too much junk food can cause diseases like childhood obesity and diabetes. The prevalence of diseases associated with aging is going up in children. Doctors have linked childhood diabetes to too much sugar in junk food. Moreover, junk food is deficient in essential nutrients like iron that are responsible for the growth of brain tissue.

Feeding children healthy foods make them agile, alert, and healthy. It also gives them the mental power they need to learn.

Allow Your Children to Have Enough Sleep

Children need the proper amount of sleep to grow and develop. They need 8 hours per night, as the pediatrician recommends. Good sleep makes children alert. Alert children are smart because they’re able to pay attention better. This makes learning and understanding easy.

Poorly rested children may become irritable and may refuse to perform the task they’re required to. They also appear sluggish and drowsy, denying them an opportunity to participate in life fully. Hence, sleep is needed in raising smart, healthy children.