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Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to use the flow of energy (Qi) in a home to harmonize your relationship with your environment. Qi can have both negative energy and positive energy, and the way that your home environment is arranged should capture and multiply the positive energy while deflecting the negative energy.

Iain Balmain, a feng shui consultant in Birmingham, says that mirrors in feng shui serve an important function. Because of their reflective properties, mirrors can multiply the energy in the room. But whether they will reflect positive or negative energy depends on the feng shui mirror placement. So before you start looking at different mirror ideas for your home, check out this guide on placement.

Tips for Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck

Feng shui mirror placement can make a big difference to the energy that flows through your home. This can include which room of the house your mirror should be in and which location in that room is the best placement for good luck.

In feng shui, the bamboo signifies the family should be placed in the fortunate direction in the eastern portion of your house.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck in the Dining Room

Most feng shui experts would agree that the best place to hang a mirror for good luck is the dining room. The dining room is an important room of the house when it comes to good luck, according to feng shui, because it has unique abilities related to wealth.

The dining room can be thought of as the money vault of the house. And increasing positive energies in the dining room can multiply that positive wealth energy. Any part of the room would be a good spot for mirror placement, as long as it isn’t facing a window.

A mirror facing a window can reflect external energy into the room, which can be either positive or negative, so it can be a gamble.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck in the Bedroom

Placing a mirror in the bedroom can be important from a practical point of view. It is the room in the house where most people get ready for the day, so having a mirror is necessary to see what you look like.

It is important to be careful with mirror placement in the bedroom, however, because placing it in the wrong spot could make negative energies flow through the room. The same applies to dressing tables with mirrors too.

A mirror above the bed, for example, can reduce your feelings of safety and security. And a mirror that reflects back a messy portion of the room can multiply those negative energies. The most important thing to be aware of, however, is that the mirror shouldn’t reflect the bed.

A mirror facing the bed is thought to have soul-stealing properties and can increase your chances of bad dreams and other negative effects. So the mirror in your bedroom should always be on a wall perpendicular to the bed, with the bed not reflected in it.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck in the Kitchen

Most feng shui experts would say to avoid hanging a mirror in the kitchen altogether. This is because it can trap negative feng shui energies in the room. This is especially the case if the mirror is facing a cooker because the heat from cooking can create negative and chaotic energies due to the creation of (bad) fire elements.

A mirror in the kitchen that faces a heat source can multiply this energy and trap it in the room. If you definitely need a mirror in the kitchen, then angling it so that it reflects a more neutral part of the room can help.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck in the Living Room

The jury is out on whether a mirror in the living room is a great idea or a terrible one. On the one hand, feng shui proponents would argue that placing mirrors in the living room is a good thing because it will multiply the number of people in the room. Since the living room is the place where you are most likely to receive guests, this can have the effect of increasing the joy and friendliness of your home.

On the other hand, placing a mirror in the living room could have the opposite effect if your guests give off bad energy. This energy would then be multiplied and reflected into the room and could greatly increase the negative energies.

As with the bedroom, if you hang a mirror in your living room, you should always make sure that it isn’t directly above the sofa or a chair. One of the ideas of feng shui is to help you feel secure in your space, and a heavy mirror hanging directly above you is likely to do the opposite.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement for Good Luck in the Hallway

The hallway is generally a good place to place a mirror, according to feng shui principles, with some caveats. They can help to increase the good energy in your home when they are placed perpendicular to the front door, and they can help to widen the hallway space.

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The front door is an important element of feng shui. It is the portal through which both positive and negative energies will enter your home, so it needs to be treated with caution. If the mirror in your hallway faces the front door, this can multiply every bad energy that arrives at your front door and reflect them through your house.

So never having your hallway mirror facing the front door of the house but making sure it is instead perpendicular can help to increase the space without the risk of increasing negative energies in your home.

The Bottom Line

Feng shui mirror placement for good luck is all about multiplying positive energies in your home and avoiding multiplying negative energies. The feng shui rules for mirrors suggest that placement in the dining room is the most likely to bring your good luck, whereas mirrors in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and hallway need to be approached with just a little bit of caution. When you place a mirror in the perfect spot, you can help to increase the positive energies and good luck in your home while also helping to make it look good.