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How to Scan a QR Code Using Your Android or iPhone Smartphone to Read that Recipe

Chances are you have encountered a typical black-and-white square somewhere. From sharing information and making payments to sharing Wi-Fi networks and verifying account details, among other important tasks, QR codes, also known as Quick Response codes, have been a tiny but amazing tool for everyone.

So how do you access the information stored in these distinctive black-and-white squares? If you have an Android or iPhone device, you are ready to start. With an in-built scan QR code Android or iPhone feature on your device, you can scan any QR code and access the information stored in it, whether it’s a website URL, restaurant menu, or Wi-Fi password.

Whether you have an Android or iPhone smartphone, this guide has everything you need to know when it comes to scanning QR codes, so read on to learn how you can scan a QR code using your device.

Do You Have an Android Phone? Here’s How You’ll Scan

Google supports QR codes, as it introduced Quick Response support in 2018. In line with this, most phones operating Android 8.0 and higher can scan QR codes through their cameras. Here is how you can scan a QR code using your Android phone:

  • Launch the camera app.
  • Choose the rear camera in Camera or Photo mode.
  • Focus your camera on the QR code you want to scan and hold your Android smartphone for a few seconds.
  • In most cases, you’ll need a stable internet connection to scan a QR code successfully. If it’s successful, tap on the notification that pops up; once you do that, the information will display on your screen.

What About an iPhone Smartphone? Here’s How to go About it

Apple started supporting QR codes in 2017. Each iPhone device operating iOS 11 and higher can read any QR code directly from the camera. The steps are similar to the ones listed above for Android devices.

Why You Should Insist on Using In-Built QR Code Scanners

The main reason is that in-built QR code scanners don’t come with any security threats. Anytime you download an application that you don’t know its source, the chances of malware affecting your device are higher.

Third-party QR code scanning applications are popular, making them major malware delivery systems. Internet fraudsters hide behind harmful codes in these apps, which can lead to the loss of money and devices. Some hackers are after your sensitive information.

What other Safe Techniques Can You Use to Scan QR Codes?

Apart from the system camera and an in-built feature, Google also provides several ways to help you scan QR codes safely and securely.

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The Google app is another safe way to read the information stored in QR codes, especially if you’re using an Android smartphone. To scan any code, open the camera in the Google app interface to trigger the scanning mode.

You have the option to add a search bar doodah on your home screen to allow for instant access the next time you want to use it. This technique should work excellently on almost all Android phones, especially the latest releases. If you have a relatively older Google app, you can upgrade it and follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Google app
  • Tap on the multicolored Camera button.
  • Select Search with Your Camera to trigger the camera interface.
  • Focus the camera on the QR code to scan and display the information.

Another option that Google provides is the use of the lens app, which is usually available in the Google Photos. This technique is ideal if you want to scan a Quick Response code from an already existing image. To scan the code, open the photos app and locate the photo with the QR code. Press the Lens icon to scan the QR code instantly.

Up to this point, you can now safely scan a QR code anywhere, anytime, and access helpful information. You now have everything with you to get started with QR code scanning.