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Diamond Jewellery Care: Everything You Need to Know

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Diamond jewellery is a timeless and classic choice for any occasion, but like any type of fine jewellery, it requires special care to keep its sparkle and shine. Whether you’ve just purchased a diamond engagement ring or inherited some heirloom diamond pieces, understanding the basics of how to care for your diamond jewellery will help it last for generations. Here is everything you need to know about diamond jewellery care.

At Alicia J Diamonds, we believe that your diamonds should be properly cared for in order to keep them looking their best. As such, it’s important to take the following steps when caring for diamond jewellery.

Diamond Care

The first step in ensuring that your diamond jewellery stays as beautiful as the day you received it is proper storage. Diamonds are strong but can be scratched easily, so avoid storing them together with other types of jewellery that may contain gemstones or materials that could cause damage. It’s also best to keep your diamonds away from humidity and

direct sunlight, which can cause discoloration over time. If possible, wrap each item separately in a soft cloth or put them in individual compartments of a jewellery box or pouch.

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It’s important to clean your diamond jewellery regularly to prevent dirt and oil build-up that can block light reflections, which make diamonds sparkle less than they should – this will help restore their brilliance and shine! A safe and effective method is using an ultrasonic machine; these machines use sound waves (known as cavitation) to gently remove dirt without damaging the metal setting or the diamond itself.

Another good cleaning option is a simple solution of warm water and mild soap; use a soft toothbrush dipped in the mixture to clean around the setting, then rinse off with cold water afterward. Lastly, suppose your diamonds have accumulated more heavy grime over time. In that case, you can also take them to a professional jeweler for deep-cleaning service – this will ensure all dirt is removed safely without the risk of causing further damage due to incorrect cleaning methods being used at home.

It should also go without saying that when wearing your diamond jewellery you must be careful not to expose it to harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, household cleaners (such as bleach), abrasive activities (such as gardening tasks), or chemicals found in swimming pools/salons/etc. This could affect its appearance and quality over time – so always remove it before engaging in any task where contact might occur and store it in a secure place afterward until needed again! Additionally, if there are any loose prongs holding your stone(s), make sure they are regularly checked by a professional who can adjust them back into place if necessary – this will help maintain proper security while preventing potential loss due to improper fitting caused by wear & tear on settings over long periods of usage.

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With proper care and attention, your diamond jewellery should stay beautiful for many years! Ultimately following these tips will help preserve its sparkle for generations – whether it’s an engagement ring passed down from one partner to another or just an extra piece of accessory bling – ensuring these pieces remain shining brightly through life’s many milestones is no doubt worth taking extra precautions when caring for them!

Also, if wearing necklaces or jewellery together with chains, it’s recommended that you fasten the clasp as soon as you put on the jewellery – this prevents both the diamond and chain from snagging onto other clothing items or objects. Finally, ensure your diamonds are inspected by a professional jeweller at least once a year; they will check for loose settings and identify any signs of wear and tear, which can then be addressed to ensure your diamond jewellery remains in excellent condition!

Following these simple tips, your diamond jewellery will look beautiful and sparkly for years! So take the time to give it the care and attention it deserves, and you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for – it’s time to get sparkling!