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Yorifusa Tokugawa: Warlord Card Synthesis

Yorifusa Tokugawa was an influential warlord of the Sengoku period in Japan. His bushocard, or manga style card, is still widely popular today, with some of its values reaching as high as 3381徳川頼房 (approximately US $3,500).

Let’s look closely at Yorifusa Tokugawa and the warlord card synthesis.


Yorifusa Tokugawa was a prominent 16th-century Japanese samurai warrior and daimyo who played a significant role in the Battle of Sekigahara. He is the subject of Busho Card 3381, a popular Japanese trading card featuring historical figures from Japan’s Warring States period.

The card depicts Yorifusa in his signature battle armor and features information on his life and accomplishments. In addition, the card allows players to synthesize Yorifusa with other cards to create a more powerful warrior or to use him in battle against other players.

Those interested in Japanese history, samurai culture or the gaming industry will find the Busho Card 3381 an intriguing and unique addition to their collection.

Understanding The Basics of Card Synthesis

Card synthesis is a crucial aspect of the Yorifusa Tokugawa: Warlord card game, where players combine two cards to create a more powerful one – a busho card. The game’s ultimate goal is to create the most potent busho card and defeat your opponents.

Here are the basics of card synthesis:

Each card has a unique attribute and a value that determines its strength. Players can combine two cards with identical values but different attributes to create a new busho card with a higher value.

The value of the new card will be determined by the original cards plus a bonus value from the synthesis process. The bonus value is affected by the level of the original cards, and higher levels lead to a more significant bonus value.

Remember that not all combinations will produce a stronger card, and some may even result in a weaker one.

Experiment with different combinations of cards and try to create a balanced deck with a mix of offensive and defensive busho cards to increase your chances of winning.

Importance of Yorifusa Tokugawa in Busho Card Game Meta

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a popular Warlord Card among players of the Busho Card game, valued for its potential in card synthesis and synergy within the game’s meta.

As a Busho Card with the “Warlord Card Synthesis” keyword, Yorifusa Tokugawa can merge with other Warlord Cards, allowing players to create more powerful and unique cards.

Yorifusa Tokugawa’s skill enhances the attack and defense stats of other Warlord Cards on the field, making it a valuable addition to any army in the game.

Yorifusa Tokugawa’s versatility and strategic value make it a top pick among Busho Card players.

Yorifusa Tokugawa: Card Synthesis Guide

Card Synthesis is an important part of the Bushocard game, allowing players to create powerful cards with unique abilities. This guide will focus on Yorifusa Tokugawa and how to effectively use his card synthesis ability to create powerful cards.

We will look at the various combinations of cards available and the strategies you can use to create the cards you need.

Gathering Required Cards for Synthesis

Yorifusa Tokugawa’s card synthesis guide is a useful resource for gathering the required cards for the Yorifusa Tokugawa Warlord Card Synthesis, particularly for the keyword bushocard/3381徳川頼房.

You will need certain cards to begin the synthesis process, as specified in the guide. These include:

  • Goemon Ishikawa
  • Nobunaga Oda
  • Kenshin Uesugi
  • Nohime
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • Tadakatsu Honda
  • Motochika Chosokabe

The guide offers tips on obtaining these cards through various in-game methods, such as chest rewards, key rewards, and events. Following the guide can streamline the card synthesis process and maximize your chances of obtaining the Yorifusa Tokugawa Warlord Card.

Understanding Synthesis Success Rate and Failure Consequences

In the Yorifusa Tokugawa: Warlord Card Synthesis game, understanding the synthesis success rate and failure consequences are crucial to maximizing your chances of obtaining the best cards.

The synthesis success rate is the likelihood that your synthesis attempt will be successful. The success rate depends on various factors, such as the rarity of the cards, the level of your synthesis skill, and luck.

You should also be aware of the consequences of failing a synthesis attempt, which can reduce the card’s level, rarity, and quality.

To increase your chances of a successful synthesis, consider the following tips:

  • Use cards with similar rarities and levels when synthesizing.
  • Use high-quality materials like gemstones to raise your synthesis skill level.
  • Do not overspend on materials when synthesizing lower-level cards.

Knowing these tips and factors can help you better navigate the synthesis system and create stronger cards to increase your power in the game.

Tips for Successful Yorifusa Tokugawa Synthesis

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a popular busho card with various synthesis challenges in the game. To achieve successful Yorifusa Tokugawa synthesis, consider the following tips:

Read and understand the synthesis requirements before embarking on the synthesis process.

Focus on leveling up the busho cards’ rarity to the maximum level whenever possible to increase the Yorifusa Tokugawa stats.

Ensure that the surplus experience points from other cards also go towards leveling up the target busho card rarity.

Use the required materials and resources efficiently as they may be scarce and difficult to obtain.

Consider the probability of success, and use open-minded synthesis approaches to minimize the percentage failure rates.

With these tips, you can make your Yorifusa Tokugawa synthesis experience much more straightforward and rewarding.

Yorifusa Tokugawa: Stats and Skills Analysis

Yorifusa Tokugawa, also known as Bushocard 3381, is one of the most popular Warlord Cards in Bushocard. He has various stats and skills, including high attack and HP, that make him a valuable addition to any team.

In this article, we’ll look at the stats and skills of Yorifusa Tokugawa, so you can make the most of this powerful Warlord Card.

Analyzing Yorifusa Tokugawa’s Stats and Attributes

Yorifusa Tokugawa was a prominent warlord during the feudal period of Japan. Analyzing his stats and attributes can help players understand his strengths and weaknesses in the popular mobile game “Busho Cards.”

Yorifusa’s primary attribute is his high Attack power which makes him well-suited for offensive gameplay. Additionally, he has a relatively high Defense stat which makes him a formidable opponent to overcome. Finally, his agility is average, allowing players to gain an upper hand during fast-paced battles.

Yorifusa’s skills include “Hundred arrow machine,” which allows him to shoot multiple arrows in one turn, making him an ideal bushocard for attacking fortified enemy positions. Another powerful skill he possesses is “Koshu no Uta,” which significantly increases his damage to enemy bosses. Additionally, players can unlock new skills to further enhance Yorifusa’s abilities with the Synthesis feature found in the game.

With some planning and strategy, Yorifusa Tokugawa could be a valuable asset to any player’s Busho Card collection.

Evaluating Yorifusa Tokugawa’s Skills and Their Utility in The Game

Yorifusa Tokugawa is one of the most sought-after Warlord Cards in the game. Evaluating his stats and skills can help players understand Yorifusa’s utility better and how best to use him in the game.

Yorifusa’s strengths lie in his high troop count, excellent defense, and unique Commander Skill, Busho card/3381徳川頼房. This skill significantly boosts troops’ attack and defense stats when he leads them into battle. Yorifusa’s high might can also make a huge difference in battles, especially when paired with other strong Warlord Cards.

Conversely, Yorifusa’s low speed and inadequate initiative may make him vulnerable in certain situations. Players must understand these limitations to plan their moves around them.

For players looking to maximize Yorifusa’s potential, synthesizing him with other busho cards can help strengthen his skills even further. In addition, this technique allows players to add desired skills to Yorifusa, making him a more formidable force on the battlefield.

Comparing Yorifusa Tokugawa with Other Powerful Busho Cards

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a powerful Busho card with excellent stats and unique skills that set him apart from other Busho cards.

Here’s how he compares to other strong Busho cards:

Yoshitsune Minamoto: Both Busho cards have high ATK values, but Yorifusa Tokugawa has higher DEF and HP stats. Additionally, Yorifusa’s skills enable him to boost the ATK and DEF of his entire army, making him a valuable asset in battles.

Masamune Date: Masamune has high ATK and DEF values, and his skills allow him to deal additional damage to enemy units. However, Yorifusa Tokugawa’s skills focus on defense, making him a better battle tank.

Shingen Takeda: Shingen has high ATK and critical hit rates, but his DEF and HP stats are lower than Yorifusa Tokugawa. Yorifusa’s skills allow him to absorb damage and protect his army members, making him a more balanced option in battles.

In conclusion, Yorifusa Tokugawa is a powerful Busho card worth synthesizing due to his well-rounded stats and unique skills. He is excellent for players who build sturdy armies to withstand enemy attacks.

Yorifusa Tokugawa: Best Team Compositions

The Warlord card of Yorifusa Tokugawa (3381徳川頼房, bushocard) is a powerful addition to any team in the game of Bushocard. This card is known for its strong attack and defense capabilities, giving players an edge in offensive battles and defensive play.

This article will discuss the best team compositions to use Yorifusa Tokugawa in, so you can maximize your team’s potential.

Creating Optimal Teams With Yorifusa Tokugawa as The Leader

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a legendary warlord in the popular strategy game, Busho Card. To create optimal teams with Yorifusa Tokugawa as the leader, you must choose the right team compositions and master his unique warlord card synthesis.

Yorifusa Tokugawa’s leadership skills and abilities rely on strategy, control and power. Therefore, he needs a team with high damage output and excellent control abilities. Here are some popular team compositions to consider for Yorifusa Tokugawa:

1. Two tank characters, one control character, and two high-damage dealers

2. One tank character, one support character, one control character, and two high-damage dealers

3. One tank character, two control characters, and two high-damage dealers

Regarding Yorifusa Tokugawa’s warlord card synthesis, the key is to use Busho cards that complement his leadership style while also providing strategic benefits. Some of the best busho cards for Yorifusa Tokugawa include:

1. Mitsunari Ishida: Adds to Yorifusa Tokugawa’s critical hit damage

2. Magoichi Saika: Provides additional damage output and control abilities

3. Ieyasu Tokugawa: Provides an instant-counters attack option

Mastering Yorifusa Tokugawa’s unique leadership abilities and choosing the right team compositions and Busho cards can take your gameplay in Busho Card to the next level.

Exploring Various Team Compositions Featuring Yorifusa Tokugawa

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a formidable warlord in the Japanese gaming universe, and it’s essential to assemble the right team composition to ensure victory in battle. Some excellent options to consider are:

Busho cards

Kinoshita Hideyoshi: His passive can buff Yorifusa’s critical hit rate and skill attack power, making him a valuable addition to the team.

Oyamada Nobushige: With a powerful active skill that provides an HP shield, Oyamada Nobushige can keep your team safe in battle.

Masayuki Sanada: Sanada’s active skill deals a massive amount of damage to enemy units, causing them to immediately retreat.

Other than these, the perfect team combination includes using different types of troops and understanding Yorifusa’s unique abilities.

Pro Tip: Don’t rely on one specific team composition – keep trying different combinations to see what works best for your playing style.

Maximizing Yorifusa Tokugawa’s Potential in Team-Based Game Modes

Yorifusa Tokugawa can be a powerful asset in team-based game modes with the right team compositions and Warlord Card Synthesis.

Here are some tips to maximize Yorifusa’s potential:

Team Compositions: Yorifusa’s ability to increase the critical hit rate of ally units makes him an excellent addition to teams focused on dealing damage. Teams with other damage-dealing characters such as spear or musket units and support characters such as healers and buffers can benefit greatly from Yorifusa’s critical hit buff.

Warlord Card Synthesis: Bushocard/3381徳川頼房 is a recommended Warlord Card for Yorifusa. This card increases the chances of performing critical hits while increasing defense and resistances. Other useful Warlord Cards for Yorifusa include those that increase attack power and critical hit damage.

Conclusion: Yorifusa Tokugawa and Busho Card Strategy

The Yorifusa Tokugawa Bushocard is an incredibly powerful in the Warlord Card Synthesis game. It has many strategic uses, and can be used to great effect in the right situations.

In this article we will analyze what makes the Yorifusa Tokugawa Bushocard so strong, and how it can be used in card strategy.

Summary of Yorifusa Tokugawa’s Synthesis, Skills and Team Compositions

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a versatile warlord in the Nioh 2 game. The synthesis of his busho cards, his skills, and team compositions make him an excellent choice for players looking for a balanced and tactical approach to combat.

His synthesis focuses on increasing his damage output and survivability. His combat effectiveness is enhanced by focusing on busho cards that increase damage absorption, health regeneration, and damage dealt.

His skillset is also well suited to both offensive and defensive playstyles. For example, the “Backwave” skill allows him to counter enemy attacks and knock them off balance, while “Moonlit Snow” is a deadly combination of quick strikes that can damage foes immensely.

With the right team compositions, Tokugawa can excel on the battlefield. Pairing him with allies who can offer defensive support, such as healing or crowd control, can make him nearly unstoppable.

In summary, Yorifusa Tokugawa’s synthesis, skills, and team compositions make him a formidable warlord with a well-rounded approach to combat in Nioh 2. Furthermore, choosing his busho card strategy can greatly enhance his abilities and increase your chances of success.

Final thoughts on Incorporating Yorifusa Tokugawa in Your Game Strategy

If done right, incorporating Yorifusa Tokugawa into your game strategy can be a game-changer. Yorifusa Tokugawa is a powerful warlord card that can synthesize with other busho cards to create a formidable army.

Here are some final thoughts to keep in mind when using Yorifusa Tokugawa:

  • Yorifusa Tokugawa’s strengths lie in his high attack and defense stats, making him an excellent addition to any army looking for a strong frontline defender.
  • Pairing Yorifusa Tokugawa with other busho cards with skills that complement his abilities can make for a devastating army.
  • When using Yorifusa Tokugawa in battles, keeping him well-fed and healthy is important to maximize his effectiveness.

Focusing on the synergy between Yorifusa Tokugawa and other busho cards in your game strategy can create a difficult winning combination for your opponents to overcome.

Significance of Busho Card 3381 and Future Implications for The Game.

Busho Card 3381, featuring Yorifusa Tokugawa, has become a centerpiece of the game, with many players experimenting with different strategies for incorporating it into their decks.

Yorifusa Tokugawa is a formidable warrior with unique abilities and powerful attacks, making him a valuable card in your collection.

However, the significance of Busho Card 3381 extends beyond just its usefulness in the game. This card’s popularity and its associated strategies point to a growing interest in the historical figures and events that have inspired the game’s storyline.

As players explore new ways of utilizing Yorifusa Tokugawa and other busho cards, the game will likely incorporate more historical elements and further blur the lines between fiction and reality. This could have interesting implications for the game’s future and the broader cultural impact of gaming on our understanding of history.

Pro tip: If you want to succeed in the game, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the unique abilities of each busho card and experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your playstyle.