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Does Your School Need to Update its PA System?

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Every place deserves to be a haven for its people. When it includes an institution like a school or college, it becomes the authorities’ responsibility to provide high security to students and staff. For daily operations, the place should feel well put together. Integrating the right technologies and equipment makes communication smoother and more efficient between everyone. You can manage daily announcements to threatening situations hassle-free. To be specific, intercom systems can ensure this. Do you have it already? Does it need an upgrade? You must check whether the dated system can empower you and your school.

Modern intercom systems for schools do more than hardwired pagers. These devices can work with access control systems and security features for better surveillance and emergency response. You can depend on them to detect threats, which you must watch over due to rising school shootings and violence cases. Nevertheless, let’s determine whether your old system is okay or needs replacement.

Signs it’s Time to Move On from the Older Intercom System

It would be best to analyze different aspects, such as ease or difficulty of bell schedules, trouble sending pre-recorded messages, inoperability, and more.

Dated Bell Schedule Process

Analog bell systems usually demand using several numbers on your phone for frequent scheduling. The outdated systems take half an hour or extra time to tweak a single bell schedule, which can be frustrating. The administrator may be unwilling to leave his desk for one bell adjustment. Or, your bell scheduler may be unable to connect to a single PC in the school’s server room due to accessibility issues. You can bypass the hassle with a web-based bell system for easy updates from anywhere, more features, and cost-effectiveness.

Inability to Share Pre-Recorded Emergency Messages and More

If your school’s intercom equipment restricts you from sending pre-recorded mass alerts or messages at the stroke of a fingertip, you would want to choose something better. Situations like active shootings, natural calamities, or inclement weather require you to send mass notifications through your PA system to deliver the right message at the right time and place.

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If you have a pre-configured message, it becomes convenient to alert masses immediately and save them. The latest technologies enable you to send direct notifications to teachers. You can also broadcast clear and loud messages to the target groups. While one can configure existing PA systems with modern features, experts believe using the new tools is still recommendable for higher flexibility.

Issues with Old Intercom and PA Equipment

Some intercoms may last longer than a decade, while others give up sooner. Various factors can lead to this. Suppose you remodel your school. During the renovation project, hardwired cables can get affected. Old speakers also need replacement after a certain point because of overuse. When you turn them on, it’s a telltale about their condition if they create a vibrating, humming, or thumping sound.

Taking a risk with a broken speaker means sending poor-quality messages that no one can adequately hear or understand in the classroom. Some advice that old speakers need to catch up to the newer models in terms of audio technology. That’s why it’s better to consider a replacement.

The Benefits of Modern Intercom Systems for Schools

Whether handling crises or daily tasks in one building or throughout the school district, the utility of an improved intercom facility extends far beyond one’s expectations for several reasons.

Mass Notification During Emergencies

Intercoms can bridge communication gaps internally and externally. Emergencies demand quicker actions. If a student’s family faces a situation of an accident or emergency hospital visit, they would want to pick up their kid immediately. With intercoms everywhere, it becomes easy to connect with students and teachers almost directly, regardless of the location in the building. Individuals get faster alerts than regular phone calls or emails.

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Earlier, models needed codes. Newer ones have eliminated this because of their upgraded interface. You only need to choose a specific classroom or area to speak to the staff. A two-way intercom facility lets the teachers send admins a quick alert about a classroom situation that needs proper handling. Suppose a student becomes violent. The teacher can push the required button to request assistance.


Schools primarily need intercoms to notify students and staff about events and programs. Through this equipment, you can spread the message in the targeted classroom or the entire building. If the system has text-to-speech or mobile accessibility features, administrators can also use pre-recorded messages from anywhere. However, daily announcements are just part. This system is also an efficient tool for responding to threats or emergencies. This equipment lets staff quickly contact first responders and targeted victims.

Other Essentials – Bell Schedules, Alarms, and Music

When upgraded to modern devices, you can schedule numerous bells simultaneously in the campus or district. The system can handle everything if you need help with regular, early, or late bell scheduling. Like this, the alarm feature in the intercom allows personnel to contact staff about any potential threat and keep them posted about the situation.

Events like intrusion, natural disasters, and medical emergencies may increase your reliance on this robust system. However, this hard taskmaster also comes in handy to create the perfect mood for games and entertainment. The intercom can set the perfect background for anything through the well-customized playlist if it’s a football match at night or a pep rally.

A Few Points About the Choice of Intercom System

You come across varying types of intercom devices with similar communication efficiencies. Hence, it feels challenging to choose one. Nevertheless, options include wireless, wired, and IP-based models. Wireless is affordable and easy to install. However, signal strength can be a focus area. Traditional wired models are expensive, but they can work without facing any issues with physical barriers.

If you select an IP-based system, it helps you strengthen your school’s communication and safety for an affordable budget. You can also scale the system to meet the growing needs of the school. These systems can run on your school’s existing network. Adding or upgrading a sound intercom system in educational institutions has become necessary. When you invest in this, your staff, students, and their parents appreciate your efforts and trust you more.