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The 5 Most Affordable Lexus Models And Insurers

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Of the many luxury car brands, Toyota’s Lexus stands out as a popular choice for several reasons. Whether you are into stunning designs, lively performance, or an unending list of standard features, Lexus always guarantees the best. Overall, Lexus promises a unique luxury car on a budget. But car features represent only one element of car affordability.

What you pay for car insurance is the other essential necessary for car affordability, considering that Lexus is one of the most expensive cars to insure.

Affordable Lexus Models and Insurers

Remember, for an expensive car model such as Lexus, both the cost of the car and the amount you pay for the insurance are key determinants of car affordability. That means that apart from considering the car price, you need to compare Lexus car insurance rates to ensure the most affordable choices. Below are some of the most affordable Lexus car models and Insurers:

Affordable Car Models

Lexus NX SUV

From a luxury point of view, this Lexus model dictates the best upscales in terms of looks. That, together with a considerably appointed interior and extremely less-involving driving personality, reflects the best formula for a subcompact car. Better yet, an average price of $40 000 and an annual insurance cost of $2,946 makes the car one of the most affordable Lexus models.

Lexus ES Sedan

For a mid-size car, the Lexus ES sedan offers you one of the most luxurious alternatives because of the interior furnishings and the sleek coupe-like silhouette. You even have little to worry about the insurance cost, given the safety ratings that come with its highly rigid platform. Better, the average annual insurance cost is $3,388, one of the most affordable prices among Lexus models.

Lexus IS Sedan

This model does a good job of emulating the above ES Sedan model. Built-for-comfort luxury, premium-built and generous cabin, less involving and easy-going driving personality, need I say more? And yes, the car looks sporty for an average price of $40,000 and an annual insurance cost of $3,617. So yes, the car cuts for the most affordable Lexus car models.

Lexus GS Sedan

The model provides another alternative for a mastered craft style, driving dynamics and safety considerations even when faced with harsh road conditions. The sedan is similarly hardly short of utility and has a broad selection of standard features. If you are worried about the car’s insurance cost, remember the car is ranked fourth as one of the most affordable insurance, with an annual cost of $3743.

Lexus RC Coupe

The Lexus RC Coupe boasts even more advanced interior upgrades to sustain all your safety needs. Some key features of superior workmanship include an F SPORT-badged steering wheel, sports seats, aluminum sport pedals, and enhanced bolsters to accommodate your safety even in the most aggressive turn of events. Like the above models, the car demands a fair annual cost of insurance, only $3751.

Affordable Insurers

State Farm

Overall, State Farm car insurance ranks second among the many car insurance companies. The stats are even more impressive when considering the company’s insurance rates for Lexus car models. It is the cheapest of all insurance providers.

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Furthermore, the company scores above average in all possible categories of customer satisfaction; policy renewals, claims handling, customer recommendations, name them. Such is a provider with which you want to insure your Lexus car model.


If you are not contented with State Farm, you will always have USAA as the best next alternative. The insurance company owns the number one spot for customers’ approval scores. On average, the provider offers an annual car insurance rate of $2692 for Lexus car models. This rate ranks the company second as the most affordable Lexus insurance. That means second to only State Farm in your consideration of affordable options.


You wouldn’t mention State Farm and USAA without Nationwide Auto Insurance. This provider’s name is in the same bracket as “affordability.” As per customers, this insurance company is neither expensive nor inexpensive, let alone above average scores in customer services, most notably, resolving complaints.

Most notably, its third rank position among the most affordable Lexus insurance rates is the number one reason you have to consider the providers.


Geico owns the number three spot of all the best and most affordable car insurance providers. The stats are even better when tied to its fourth position as the most affordable Lexus insurance rates. Besides the stats, you enjoy satisfactory customer services and claims handling as the providers’ customers. These qualities cover the entire base required to convince you of an affordable Lexus insurance provider.


The affordable Lexus car insurance list will never be complete without Progressive Auto Insurance. The history of Progressive car insurance services has earned the company the number 8 position among the most affordable car insurers overall and the number 5 position among most affordable Lexus insurance rates.

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Though not the best, the company’s Lexus insurance rate is one of those you can always count on when on budget.

The Bottom Line

When securing the most affordable Lexus car models, look not only at the cost of the car but also at what you pay for insurance. You could secure some of the best alternatives from the list above.