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Can You Trust Online Casinos?

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It is no secret that a large proportion of people around the world consider online casinos to be a scam. They see gambling as a way to steal money. And only regular players understand that although this has some basis in fact, it is still not that close to the truth. Yes, many people cannot be called lucky, because they either never win large sums or win very rarely. On the other hand, there are people who have won hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars via casino mit autoplay. Contrary to popular belief, there are no fewer such players than those in the first category.

The question addressed in this article is a complex one. When answering it, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to choose a playground, i.e. to evaluate a particular institution according to many criteria. Why? It is simple and at the same time complicated. Nowadays there is a tendency of increasing the number of unreliable and even fraudulent online casinos. Distinguishing such institutions from good ones can be difficult. And even more so, nowadays Playing there, the user risks facing a lot of problems. It will be almost impossible to solve them. Let’s take a look at the options that users may encounter.

Some Casinos Do Not Pay Winnings

This problem is most common in fraudulent casinos. The reasons for non-payment are incredibly varied and most often defy any logic. Here is just a small fraction of them:

  • Violation of casino rules. In such establishments, the rules of the site are written in such a way that the casino itself can then adjust its meaning to the reason for refusing to pay out funds. To avoid falling for this reason, carefully study each clause of the rules. If even something causes you distrust, or creates a lot of questions, get out of there. Another option: put clear questions to the casino’s support team. At a reliable institution, the specialists will also answer all your questions in a clear and friendly manner
  • Denial of verification satisfaction. Another common reason for non-payment of winnings. Every time you send your documents, you will receive a refusal for far-fetched reasons, sometimes with no explanation at all
  • An accusation of fraud. Yes, there are situations like this too
  • An accusation of multi-accounting. Another frequent reason for not paying out winnings.

Some Casinos Change RTP and Make It Lower

Having a license from the operator, especially one obtained from reputable regulatory bodies (like Malta, the UK, Gibraltar, and New Jersey), allow it to enter into contracts with software vendors to integrate their software into the gaming floor. This, in turn, makes the games safe and fair. The operator has no access to the stuffing of the slot, meaning it cannot influence the RNG.  Check out the websites of gambling commissions to find out more about there requirements:

It is quite another matter for casino fraudsters without a license or with weak regulation by state authorities (Curacao). No provider with a license, hence a name, would agree to supply their software to an illegal casino. Regulatory authorities can penalise the company for contracting with illegal operators if there are any questions about the software.

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There are companies which specialise in making copies of licensed slot machines. It is the software that fraudsters use to fill their library. For a relatively small fee casinos buy games with access to its server part. Such copies can make adjustments to the mathematics, including the RTP, and the size of the payout. It is very common for cheaters to use a strategy of imaginary luck. The player gets lucky, he increases the bet size, after which the luck runs out and the player suffers a series of losses. However, he does not leave, remembering how lucky he was recently and still has a chance to win back. As you can easily guess, this does not happen.

In addition, there are still providers who operate illegally. It follows that it is not subject to any jurisdiction setting rules for the RTP percentage. In such games, it is also possible to get to the “stuffing” of the slot and change the RTP. You can do this an infinite number of times, which is used by cheaters. There are few such developers left, but still be careful, because they still exist.

Many Casinos Spam Players

Every online casino understands that its customer needs to be “kept” and reminded of themselves. The easiest way to do that is to use the email that every player has. To this address, the institution sends a newsletter about active promotional offers. This state of affairs is actually handy if you like to accept rewards from the playground. Noteworthy online casinos offer users the option of deciding whether or not they want to receive promotional emails about casino promotions and events. The approval/rejection can be activated at the time of account creation. In such establishments, even if you approve the promotional newsletter, you always have the right to unsubscribe from it. This can be done through the settings in your account.

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The undeserving establishments work differently. It is important for them to attract as many players as possible in the shortest possible time. They operate on the principle of aggressive marketing, constantly making themselves known. Their offers are always attractive, but it is only visibility for the players to make a deposit as soon as possible. In addition, unfairly operating casinos transfer their player base to third parties for a good price. If you run into such an institution, you are unlikely to find a solution to the problem. The only option to get rid of unnecessary, intrusive correspondence is to create a separate Email. Use it exclusively for casino games.

Most Casinos Operate Under a Weak License

A license is seen as a guarantee of reliability, security and confidence in a gambling club. However, in reality, this is not the case. It turns out that having a gambling license does not prevent operators from cheating, failing to pay winnings and generally working against players’ interests. Existing laws, both international and local, in the field of online gambling are usually divided into weak and strong laws. It is the former that becomes the object of licensing by scammers. On the one hand, having an official document increases the authority of the casino, on the other hand, it allows it to attract more customers. This, in turn, allows you to cheat more players and have more income at the end.

The solution to this situation is simple – trust only trusted operators when it comes to weak jurisdictions. Otherwise, it is better to bypass the gambling club. Fortunately, the choice of sites is incredibly vast and you will always find a reliable and safe casino. Some casinos even do not require verification! You can check safe no ID casinos here:

Final Thoughts

Many fraudulent casinos invest a large amount of money in marketing efforts. Fraudulent owners realise that very quickly this investment will be recouped several times over at the expense of unwise players. And, it is worth noting that even in the age of digital development and the prosperity of the Internet, these users do not know how to protect themselves from blatantly bad gaming sites. Nor should they be called as such. It would be more correct to call them a place to siphon money from customers. You won’t be able to get your money and winnings back, because cheaters are not regulated, which means you can’t be held liable.

The easiest way to avoid falling into the trap of scammers is to study the information about the gambling club carefully before depositing money. Preferably on independent websites. Preferably carefully. It is desirable that you also analyze the information found. In general, you need to do a lot of work before you entrust your money to a casino. If you think that it is difficult, long and tedious, be sure that sooner or later you will find yourself among the victims of scammers.