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How to Get Your Kid Interested in Cooking?


Cooking is an excellent way to improve your kid’s creativity while connecting more and spending quality time together. Not to mention that starting to cook from a young age will make children self-sufficient adults later who will know how to take care of themselves properly, because you surely are amazed by the large number of people who can’t prepare even some basic meals, and you don’t want that to happen also for your kid. Plus, kids involved in the cooking ritual from an early age will know how to appreciate food more, select healthy choices, and lower food waste. As you already see, the benefits are plenty, but what remains challenging is how to get your kids involved in the cooking process, as in most cases, they just want to eat and avoid any activity of this kind.

But don’t worry, because we created a list with some tips that will get your kids interested in cooking, so keep reading to find out more.

Let Them Try Experiments

Experimenting in the kitchen will make kids want to spend more time cooking, as you already know that when you set rules, children are not likely to follow them. But, when given freedom, they will find more joy in cooking and become curious to create something with their hands. So, giving your kids a chance to experiment and develop their suggestions is vital, even if their ideas sound bizarre. This way, they will see what goes well together and from what combinations to stay away in the future. Their motivation to succeed in a cooking recipe will also increase, as they always want to create a meal that all their family members will appreciate.


Also, don’t forget to let your kids choose the day’s menu. Because in most cases, parents make this decision; kids don’t get to say what they want to eat, so they will not be implicated in the cooking part. We know kids are extremely picky with their food, but no kid ever will resist the temptation of ice cream or pizza, and you can use them to your advantage. For example, you can set a time once a week when they can eat their favorite food, but to do so, they first need to prepare it, and they will surely agree, as their desired food is at stake, so it’s a win-win situation.

Create a Beautiful Kitchen

Having a beautiful kitchen will make kids want to spend more time in the cooking area, which will also get them tempted to try mixing ingredients together and doing something with their hands. It is important for kids to love the space and feel safe and protected, so you need to make your kitchen a colorful environment while also taking the right safety measures not to get them injured. In this regard, you can set up your children a small cabinet, created especially for kids, where they will play with tiny utensils and be master chefs in their mini kitchen. You can also buy them a personalized apron because, in this way, they are more likely to spend more time there to show off their unique outfit.

In today’s fast-paced world, teaching your kids valuable life skills, such as cooking, has become more important than ever. Not only does it help develop their independence and creativity, but it also promotes a healthier lifestyle. One effective way to get your kid interested in cooking is by incorporating the concept of growing your own herbs. This not only adds an exciting element to the cooking process but also teaches them about plant care and sustainability.

If your kid is grown enough to participate in the cooking chores, you need to give your kitchen a beautiful and interesting look to make them more engaged. If your kitchen doesn’t match their taste, consider remodeling, and the best option is to choose a shaker kitchen, as they will make a chic and clean look, which will be perfect for kids.

Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping has many advantages because it allows your kids to see a variety of food they don’t have at home and get interested in trying something new. Additionally, children involved with shopping will pick what they want to eat and participate later in preparing the food. The grocery stores can be where your kid can learn vital skills like time management, improving communication, planning according to the needs, or completing tasks. Besides the learning part, grocery shopping will also be a fun experience because they get to change to explore a new environment, see lots of products that are new to them, and also encounter people on the way.

Watch Cooking Shows

Whether they are watching a Gordon Ramsay show or Masterchef Junior, your kid will have a great opportunity to learn something new related to cooking. Plus, when food is made in a fun way, they are more likely to want to try it at home. And a cooking show can be addictive also for parents, so your children will surely become a fan and say things like,” I want to try that!” or “Can we prepare this recipe?” When they see how participants cook and judges react to their food, their curiosity is aroused, and they will want to be in the contestant’s place.


In most cases, kids don’t help with the food preparations because they are afraid that something terrible will happen, but as they have the chance to watch television programs, they will see that the kitchen is safe, and they have no reasons to be afraid. As seen on TV, the cooking process will become magical and fun, and each kid will want to try a recipe at home. Not to mention that your kid can also find a new hobby in this way, and who knows, maybe their future career will be related to this.

Final Words

Cooking has lots of advantages for kids, as they will learn new ingredients, discover new information, and develop important life skills. Don’t forget to encourage your kids when they prepare something; even if they make mistakes, tell them that this is normal and that mistakes are part of the learning experience. By doing this, your kid can become the next winner of one of the cooking contests you watch together because everything is possible when they truly believe in something.