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Five Ways to Monetize a Sports App


We are a planet of sports lovers, from the billions across Europe who watch the English Premier League soccer games to the millions worldwide tuning into the Super Bowl. Sport unites the population like nothing else. It brings fans from all backgrounds, races, education, and careers together. Sports fans stand side-by-side, rubbing shoulders with the rich and poor in the stands. Sport promotes unity like no other.

The sports industry is worth over $80 billion in the United States. Truly earth-shattering numbers, and it’s no surprise to learn many entrepreneurs and business-minded people are eager to secure a slice of such a lucrative pie. The US sports market continues to grow, and with the rapid introduction of legal betting sites, those numbers will rise further. The future for sports and betting is bright.

There are many routes into this exciting industry, and many don’t require you to dust off the running shoes or hit the gym and train for an ultra-marathon. There’s as much hard work and dedication involved if you wish to make it big in sports, but there are hundreds of routes. From sports writing to producing podcasts and even selling tickets, you’ll find an avenue to suit your skill set.

Prepare for Change

2023 is the perfect year to get involved in sports, and when the NFL season begins in late summer, things will gather pace. It’s the first season sportsbooks from Vegas to London will have a noticeable presence in the NFL, and we’re about to witness the birth of a new, super-strong partnership between US sports and gambling.

You may have noticed betting brands or even gambling kiosks at your favorite team. Like your sporting abilities, your gambling knowledge isn’t essential to success, but it’s worth understanding and appreciating the direction of US sports. Not everyone is a fan of the gambling industry, and it has faced much resistance when moving across North America, but there’s no denying it’s here to stay and will have a lasting impact on the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

In this article, we detail some of the intelligent ways small business owners and app owners can utilize the recent growth of the sports industry. From blogging for affiliates to selling merchandise, you’ll be surprised by what’s on offer.


Limiting our list to five was the most challenging aspect of writing this article, but we’re delighted with how things turned out. Keep reading as we cover content creation and more.


The quickest and easiest way to monetize a sports app is through affiliates. We can explain it simply if you need to know what affiliates are. You’re the middle-ground or point of contact between your readers and advertisers in the field.

Suppose you strike up an affiliate relationship with a business selling game tickets. Your app has content and other delights that attract an audience. You can then make that audience aware of a deal offered by the ticket vendor, and for every purchase made by one of your readers, you get a cut of the profits.

Promote affiliates through banner ads or text links in your copy. The biggest names provide you with everything needed to get started, and there’s an easy way to track your vital statistics. Each time a customer purchases a Matchday ticket through one of your links or using a referral code unique to you, there’s a record. Please keep track of sales and collect your commission when it’s due.

Selling Merchandise

Why be the middleman when you can be the vendor? If you have a popular site, adding official merchandise is accessible. If your app is popular enough, create official brandings like t-shirts, hats, and other accessories. If you still need to get that big, purchase sports merchandise at a reduced rate and sell it on your pages.


Adding a secure and user-friendly purchasing widget to your app is easy. When working with an affiliate, they will do much of the heavy lifting on your behalf, including the payment methods and banners. But if you prefer to go over their heads and do it yourself, that’s a viable option too. It takes a little more effort, but the profits are much greater.

It shouldn’t only be clothing or small items like mousemats and keyrings. Why not aim high and agree to become an official ticket vendor? You can purchase tickets, add an admin fee and sell them on your app. That approach requires official permission from the sports clubs. Check the latest rules on a club’s site for up-to-date information.

Written Content

Are you a sports lover with a knack for writing? Add a blog to your sports app and create the type of content your customers want to read. It could be previews, reviews, interviews, stats, results, etc. Sports lovers have a thirst for knowledge and the latest information.

You have two options when adding content to your app. You can do it yourself, researching, revising, and writing. It takes time, but the net is awash with reliable and updated info. If you enjoy writing and understand what attracts customers, we recommend producing as much of your content as you wish.

Writing not your thing? Thankfully, that isn’t a stumbling block to having intriguing content on your page. Please seek a professional online content writer, give them your budget, and allow the copywriter to fill your pages with articles that do much more than entertain.

Video Content

The same applies to video content, although most people find speaking in front of a camera easier than writing long-form copy. If that’s more appealing, why not boost your app’s presence by adding a podcast?

You can introduce yourself, your company, and its vision or preview the weekend’s games. If you’d like to go the professional route, some great podcast producers are waiting to help. Again, you can choose between doing the work yourself or leaving it to the professionals.

Predictor Competitions

Finally, sports fans love making predictions. That’s one of the reasons why fantasy sports and sportsbook betting are so popular in the US.

You can apply for a gambling license and become a bookie, but please be aware of the size of such a daunting task before starting. Adding a widget to your page that encourages visitors to make predictions and rewards the best with prizes is much easier and just as enjoyable.