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How to Cancel Sephora Order: A Quick and Painless Guide

how to cancel sephora orderEver found yourself in a situation where you’ve hastily clicked on that “Place Order” button, only to realize moments later that it’s not exactly what you wanted? Or perhaps you’ve had a change of heart about that eyeshadow palette after seeing its swatches online. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. Cancelling an order from Sephora doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Trust me, we all have those sudden changes of heart or spur-of-the-moment purchasing decisions we regret.

Before we dive into the cancellation process, it’s important to understand that Sephora’s cancellation policy allows for cancellations within a limited time frame. This is because orders are processed quickly to ensure speedy delivery – something we usually appreciate until we need to cancel an order! Now here comes the good news: if you act promptly, there’s a fair chance your cancel request will be successful.

So let’s proceed and learn how to navigate this tricky situation together. I’ll guide you through each step of cancelling your Sephora order in detail so next time any hasty click won’t lead to any regretful purchase.

Understanding Sephora’s Cancellation Policy

Ever wondered how to cancel your Sephora order? I’ve got your back! It’s essential to grasp the ins and outs of their cancellation policy before you hit that ‘Order’ button.

First things first, it’s important to know that Sephora processes orders quickly. That means, once an order is placed, there isn’t much time to change your mind or modify the contents of your cart. In fact, they typically allow just a few hours at most for any changes or cancellations.

So when can you cancel an order? You’re allowed to do so within approximately one-two hours of placing it. However, this window may vary depending on factors such as the volume of orders or time of day.

But what happens if you miss this window? Unfortunately, once the order has been processed by their system – which usually occurs after that initial hour – you won’t be able to cancel it directly from their site anymore. However, don’t fret! There are still options available like refusing delivery or returning the items once received.

It’s also worth noting that Sephora doesn’t charge a cancellation fee. So if you manage to cancel within the short window allowed, your wallet won’t take a hit!


  • Sephora has a fast processing time
  • The cancellation window is typically 1-2 hours after ordering
  • After processing, direct online cancellation isn’t possible
  • No cancellation fees apply

In essence, understanding Sephora’s cancellation policy can save you time and potential disappointment down the line. So next time when shopping with them online: think carefully before clicking that ‘Order’ button!

How to Cancel Sephora Order

So, you’ve changed your mind about that latest Sephora order? Don’t worry, I’ve been there. You’ll be glad to know it’s not rocket science to cancel an order on the Sephora website. Here are the steps:

First off, hop onto the official Sephora website and sign into your account. Remember, you can only cancel an order if it hasn’t been prepared for shipping yet. Time is of the essence here.

Once logged in, make your way to ‘Orders’. This will reveal a list of all your recent purchases. Find the one you’re having second thoughts about – that’s what we’re going after.

Next up, click on ‘View Details’ next to the relevant order. This should open up all the nitty-gritty details of your purchase: when you bought it, how much you paid and – most importantly – its current status.

If Lady Luck is smiling at you today and your package hasn’t been prepped for shipping, there will be an option saying ‘Cancel Order’. Click on this ASAP because once that package enters shipping mode… well let’s just say it becomes a whole lot trickier to call it back.

Finally hit ‘Yes’ when asked if you’re sure about cancelling – trust me, they won’t take offense – and voila! Your order has officially entered cancellation-land.

In case things don’t go as planned (we’ve all had those days), get in touch with Sephora Customer Service pronto. They’re usually pretty helpful in navigating these situations.

Remember though, every step counts towards better consumer habits so kudos for taking this step! So whether it was impulse guilt or a simple change of heart that brought you here today – keep making informed decisions like these.