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Benefits of a Whole Home Generator


Power outages are a common occurrence in many parts of the nation. In many locations, a combination of the local power grid and bad weather can make blackouts far more frequent during certain parts of the year. These causes can include bad storms impacting power lines, ice, or the power grid becoming overloaded during extreme weather conditions such as extreme hot or cold. No matter the root cause, power outages are something you want to avoid. While you can’t make the local power grid more sturdy, you can install a whole-home generator. When you install a whole-home generator, you are prepared for loss of power and can keep your home and its most important appliances powered on. Here is more information on why having a whole-home generator is a good idea.

Reasons to Have a Whole-Home Generator

  • Weather Can Be Unpredictable: The majority of power outages and blackouts are related to weather in some way, and this can be hard to predict. Storms can suddenly appear, and a rainstorm can be much stronger than expected. A generator keeps you prepared for a sudden loss of power.
  • You Work From Home: Working from home or having hybrid hours is becoming more commonplace in the modern workplace. If you have a home office, you want the power to be as consistent as possible, as even a loss hour can be costly. With a whole-home generator, you have enough power to keep things running as needed.
  • Food Spoilage: One of the most common losses homeowners encounter during a power outage is food spoiling. Food spoils quickly and can become unsafe to eat in a few hours. Without proper generator backup, a power outage can cost you hundreds of dollars in food loss and the inconvenience of having to replace it.
  • Where You Live Is Prone To Bad Weather: Many areas tend to have more severe weather patterns than others, even those in the same state. If you live in a location that tends to get lots of storms, wind, or just bad weather, in general, power outages tend to be more commonplace. By having a generator, you prepare yourself for any surprises from the local weather system.
  • You Spend Time Away From Home: If you travel a lot or have multiple seasonal residences, having a generator can keep your home safe. You don’t want a power outage impacting important systems while you are away. A generator can help keep things stable during a power outage, even if you are not there.
  • You Have a Sump Pump: Many homes have sump pumps installed in the basement or crawlspace. These pumps help protect your home and any possessions stored in your basement from water damage in case of leaks or rising water levels. However, these pumps require power to work and, in case of a blackout, cannot function. With a generator, you can keep your sump pump working and keep your home safe.
  • Reduce Danger Due To a Lack of Light: When the power goes out, so does your home’s lighting systems. This can be more dangerous than it first appears because, without lighting, it becomes very easy to trip and fall in the dark. With a generator, you can keep the lights on and keep your home properly lit.

Final Thoughts

Power outages are more than just annoying; they can be costly and even dangerous. Plus, in many areas, when the power goes out, you may have no real idea of when it will be restored.


With a whole-home generator, you have the peace of mind of knowing that when the power goes out, your lights, appliances, and electronics will still work. This allows you to relax during the outage and wait for the power to be restored.