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The Best Activities For Mum And Dad This Winter


When it comes to planning activities, the winter chill might not be as inviting as summer sun, but you don’t have to write off an entire season if you have some good plans in place.

There are many indoor and outdoor activities and adventures that you can have as a family, and places that you can go – so no matter what the weather throws at you this winter, you can still make memories with your family.

Below are some great ideas of activities that you can do as a family, for the children, and just as grown ups to make this a winter to remember.


When we think of winter days, the ideal is cold, crisp, and dry days surrounded by snow covered fields – but that isn’t always the way it works, so when the weather is gloomy and you want to stay inside, below are some things you can do to make the time pass.


Whether it is a batch of delicious cookies, or something more seasonal like a blackberry pie or a yule log, baking is a great activity to share with the kids, who will enjoy breaking eggs, folding cake mixture (and licking the spoon).

Play Video Games

Video games aren’t just for teens, and if you have a console, you can play lots of party games together that will pit the kids against the adults or the boys against the girls. The grownups can try their hand at slot games like Big Bass Splash that could give them the chance to win some money, too.

Board Games

For a screen-free day, board games will always be a good idea. Try something traditional like Monopoly or find one of the newer games like Kids Against Maturity for some family fun.


Making memories is great but recording them for prosperity is even better – and scrapbooking allows for pictures, souvenirs, and related items to be kept together in one place. Get started with a binder or go all out with a proper scrapbook.

Movie Marathon/Binge a TV Show

Blankets on the couch, popcorn and snacks, and the latest movie trilogy on the TV – it’s a movie day. The same works for TV shows too. Parents can wait for the kids to go to bed and make it a Netflix and chill evening.

Dance Party

Get the adrenaline flowing with a dance party. Turn the music up loud and throw some shapes, especially when you don’t care who is watching.



When those beautiful days come, make the most of the great outdoors with these fun activities and ideas.

Take a Hike

Bundle up warm, grab the dog, and explore the local area on foot. The scenery will look so different between seasons and who knows what you will see.

Play in the Snow

Make snowmen and snow angels, have a snowball fight, go sledding – make the most of the white stuff when you can and before it turns slushy.

Go Ice Skating

If you have an outdoor ice rink locally, this is a lovely winter activity. Don’t be tempted by the local lake freezing over though!

Winter Camping

Camping in the snow is a wonderful experience, if you have the right equipment (and you are good at building fires).


Places to Go

Sometimes being stuck in the four walls of your home can be a bit much, but the weather isn’t quite there for time spent outdoors – so make a day of it and visit somewhere new.


Museums are usually free days out, and even if you go regularly there is always something new to see. Make it a scavenger hunt for some fun if you want to make it even more interesting.


The cinema is an awesome experience, and there are movies coming out all the time. Some cinema screenings are set up for small children, so it is something that even the smallest kids can enjoy.


The theatre is becoming more accessible for many thanks to the plethora of shows available, and you can find family shows if that is something you want to share with your kids – but a parent’s night out without the kids at the theatre is a great way to spoil yourselves (you deserve it, after all).


Get competitive and build resilience in a friendly bowling match (or three). Bowling alleys often have other fun things to do, like arcade games, so you can make a visit last all day if you want.


This one is for the adults only, or at least those over legal drinking age. Craft breweries, microbreweries, and even major brand breweries are a great experience, especially if you want to learn more about the process of making your favourite beer. The same is true with vineyards if you prefer a nice glass of wine.