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How to Get a Driving License in The UK – UK Theory Test is Just 1 Step


Getting a UK driving license as a foreigner follows the same route as getting it as a British teen. You have to start with a provisional license and attempt the UK theory test before signing up for the driving test. Here is the complete process.

Apply For a Provisional Driving License

If you are older than 15 years and nine months and are permitted to live in Great Britain for a minimum of 185 days, you can apply for a UK provisional driving license. Another condition is for the applicant to have sound eyesight that allows him/her to read a number plate from 20 meters away.

A provisional license will cost £34, and you need to provide information from your identity document and your addresses for the last three years.

Once the application is complete, you get an immediate email for confirmation of application and a driving license within one week in most cases.

Get The Right Vehicle and Insurance and Get Driving Lessons

You need the resources provided by DVLA to decide which vehicle you need to drive. These choices will vary depending on your age and license. Note that if you plan to drive your car – under supervision, of course – you will need to get it insured before taking it to the road. This car insurance will cover driving under a provisional license.

Also, you can use your provisional license to drive only those cars that have an L number plate.

Note that the provisional license restricts you from driving a vehicle without supervision. You can search for driving schools and instructors using DVLA resources. Additionally, you can choose to take lessons from your friend or relative, provided they meet the eligibility criteria provided by the agency.


Book, Prepare, and Attempt Theory Test

You can do this step before the second one if you want. A theory test doesn’t require much practical knowledge about driving.

You can book this test online through the DVSA website. It costs £23 for a standard license for car and motorcycle riding. Keep your provisional license and credit or debit card handy to pay for this test. Plus, the webpage will ask for your email to send the confirmation email.

After booking the test, use books from DVSA to prepare for the concepts that will be assessed in the UK theory test. Also, use the DVSA kit for hazard perception to prepare for the second half of the test. Don’t rely on the DVSA resources to prepare. The theory test is a difficult exam, and you should study extensively using practice driving theory test and other revision resources to prepare confidently.

On exam day, you will only need your provisional license to attempt the test. Wear a face mask and arrive early.

The test will include two parts: one with 50 multiple-choice questions to be attempted in 57 minutes and the other with 14 video clips with hazards that you will watch in 45 minutes. You need to score at least 44 points in the multiple-choice section and 43 points in hazard perception one to pass the exam.

On passing the test, the agency will give you a letter with a certificate of passing the theory test.

Take the Driving Test

You can take a driving test within two years of passing the theory test. This test will cost £62. Choose between booking this test online or using a phone for the step. You will need your email address, provisional license details, payment details, and your driving instructor’s reference number to book the test.

Bring your theory test pass certificate and provisional license to the test center. You can choose between using your car – if it meets the requirements – or your instructor’s car for the test. The test will have five parts, including:

· An eyesight check,

· Questions about vehicle safety,

· Testing your driving ability,

· Reversing skills, and

· Independent driving.

Overall, these parts will assess your safe driving skills. You will pass the test if you have less than 15 driving faults and no dangerous driving faults.

You are allowed to start driving on the road immediately after passing this test, even if you haven’t yet gotten your license. You should contact DVLA if your driving license doesn’t arrive within 3 weeks of passing the test.


Take Away

The route to getting your driver’s license is easy and includes getting a provisional license and taking driving lessons. After getting the license, you will attempt a theory test followed by a driving test. The successful attempt of these tests allows you to start driving on the roads.