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Why Are There Different Types of Trash Bags?

If you didn’t already know, different trash bags exist for different purposes. Yes, their strength and durability range so you can dispose of your waste more effectively. Some of them work best for disposing of regular office, hotel, or household waste, while others, like contractor bags, are for construction and renovation projects.

So, before purchasing one, you must know what trash bag works best for the area in question. Getting the right trash bag for a specific area will save you money in the long run and keep all waste properly stored until it is taken out for final disposal. Without further ado, let’s discuss why different types of trash bags exist.

Resin Matter

The resin matter determines the attribute and quality of a trash bag. Manufacturers use synthetic resins in the production of these garbage bags because they form plastic when combined with certain additives and can take different shapes, too.

There are two types of resins: low-density (LD)/low-density bags (LLD) and high-density bags (HD). The type of waste you intend to dispose of will determine the type of trash bag resin matter to be used. Linear low-density bags are used for rough items and items that could easily puncture the bag. These bags are commonly used in hospitals, construction sites, kitchens, and other areas where sharp and heavy objects would typically be disposed of as waste.

Non-rough objects, on the other hand, can be disposed of in high-density bags. These bags can be punctured easily, so they are best for disposing of waste paper, rags, dirt, and other products that do not have sharp edges. They are commonly used in offices.


Trash bags also come in different thicknesses to keep a certain amount of waste without tearing.


Thicker trash bags are usually more expensive because they are stronger and last longer. For heavier waste or sharp objects, consider thicker trash bags, as they won’t puncture easily.

Bag Seal

There are also different types of seals in trash bags. Depending on the customer’s needs, manufacturers produce bags using one of these seals: star, gusset, or flat. Let’s describe each one of these seals and the purpose they serve.

Star Seal

The star seal is the most commonly used trash bag seal. It has a multi-pointed star at its bottom. Star seal trash bags are designed to prevent leaks and keep them from sliding to the bottom when garbage is disposed of.

Flat Seal

Trash bags with flat seals are best for commercial spaces. They can withstand heavy-weight objects, prevent leaks, and have added durability to last a long time. They are used to dispose of heavy-duty trash and can stand on their own without any support. The seal looks like a pillowcase and is super convenient to use.

Gusset Seal

When a flat bag is folded and sealed, a triangular shape is formed – this makes up the gusset seal.


This seal gives the corner of the bag added strength as the extra folds form four layers of material instead of the regular two.


Trash bags come in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, seals, and sometimes colors to meet customer’s demands. It is essential in our everyday lives, so as demand changes and waste management evolves, more trash bags will be produced to meet these needs. In the meantime, ensure that you use the right garbage bag when getting rid of specific waste to save yourself money and reduce pollution.