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What is the Better Option between Body Rub and Massage?

Just forget your personal daily routines along with their challenges for a moment. Try to imagine how you dive into pure bliss with a tender rubdown using smooth and silky female hands. We all want to experience that feeling of tension leaving our bodies, replaced by a sense of looseness and complete relaxation. But once you’re going to schedule that well-deserved pampering session via the body rub website (see erotic body rub NYC link), you might come across two choices: more traditional massage or still body rub. Both might sound like equal choices for relaxation experiences and impressions, but there are some crucial distinctions, indeed, which are better to consider before booking your session.

What is a Body Rub?

A body rub definition has a more general meaning to denote the sensual application of soft pressure and elegant moves along the body’s length. Pretty often, the masseuse applies versatile oils or lotions just to ensure supreme gliding. Relaxation and stress relief are at the top of the focus here, along with less emphasis on targeting specific muscle groups or addressing therapeutic needs.


For just a better imagination, think of a body rub massage like a warm hug for your whole body. It can be a wonderful choice for immediate unwinding after a long week, as well as for blood circulation improvements and managing general aches and pains.

How to Give the Best BackRub?

Once you have a strong desire not just to receive it but to give it to someone you are in love with, you can do it without professional training, but you can apply some rules to prepare yourself for the session. Here, we want to share a brief guide:

  1. Arrange the settings: Dim the lights, light some relaxing candles, and switch on calming music. There should be an atmosphere that screams “de-stress zone.”
  2. Warm Up the Oil: Choose between a massage oil or lotion that is a good match to your individual tastes (and your partner’s, if applicable). Warming it slightly in advance will add that desired extra touch of luxury.
  3. Start with Long, Tender Moves: Don’t be fast! Start with light pressure, using your palms to glide across the back in long, smooth moves. This will loosen up the muscles and prepare them for deeper work.
  4. Apply Focused Pressure: Once you have warmed up your back, use your thumbs or forefingers to apply firmer pressure to specific areas of muscle tension. Don’t forget about listening to your partner’s cues – if there is something being too intense, lighten up.
  5. Neck and Shoulders Must Be In Focus: These body zones are under tension pretty often. Use gentle circular motions to loosen the tightness.
  6. End with Gentle Moves: Don’t interrupt the session just after you apply all techniques. Finish the session by gradual going back to light, calming moves, leaving your partner feeling utterly relaxed.

One More Essential Tip: Communication is a must! Speak to your partner throughout the rubdown, then check on pressure from time to time and ensure that there is a comfortable feel.

What Are the Reasons for More Than Mental Relaxation?

So, let’s shift to talking about a massage. This is a more professional and therapeutic approach to bodywork. Licensed massage therapists must undergo extensive training in anatomy and physiology, thus becoming authorized legally to target specific muscles and address various needs.

Here we share some ordinary situations where a massage might be a more advantageous choice:

  • Chronic pain: Once you have persistent pain, a massage therapist can apply specific techniques to target the source of discomfort.
  • Sports injuries: If you’re a serious or even professional athlete, massage contributes a lot to muscle recovery and injury prevention.
  • Posture problems: Massage therapists are additionally responsible for posture improvements by addressing tight muscles and promoting flexibility.
  • Stress relief: While body rubs are best for reaching high levels of relaxation, a massage therapist can apply specific techniques to reduce stress levels through basic physical sensations.

Do You Need a Massage?


There are plenty of reasons why a professional massage might be a good idea:

  • You suffer from frequent muscle tension or pain.
  • You have limited flexibility.
  • You have frequent headaches or migraines.
  • You have sleep disorders.
  • You’re going through rehabilitation after injury.

It is highly advisable to consult with a doctor before your first session, specifically once you have any pre-existing health conditions.

How to Make the Right Choice between Body Rub and Massage?

Ultimately, the right choice between a body rub and a massage depends on your personal needs and preferences. But responding to the following simple question would be useful in understanding the reason for your choice

  1. Are you an enthusiast of pure relaxation and a touch of pampering? A body rub might be the single option.
  2. Do you suffer from specific aches, pains, or injuries that need attention? Consider booking a session with a qualified massage therapist.
  3. The good news? You don’t necessarily have to choose! But you may use a combination of both. You might just schedule a relaxing body rub at home in between professional massage visits. It doesn’t matter, indeed, which of the options you choose; just feel the power of touch and let your stress melt away!