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5 Most Popular Ways to Find a Spouse

Although there are so many different ways to find a partner nowadays, it seems that dating has never been harder. People are generally reluctant to give others a chance as they struggle to turn a casual fling into something serious.

Still, that doesn’t mean everything is gloom and doom. As long as you keep an open mind and go out of your comfort zone, you can find your one true love. Among others, your dating experience will hinge on the company you’re in as well as the place where you meet your partner.

The bonds between colleagues and schoolmates last the longest, but you should also think out of the box and find real mail order spouses by using sites like BridesUniverse. Finding a bride online is as legitimate as it gets as long as you give yourself time to learn more about each other.

Work and School

As mentioned, the best thing about dating a colleague or a school friend is that there’s always trust between the two parties. You will learn about each other in a natural environment without faking your personality. In other words, both sides can be certain that this is the person they’re getting once they enter a relationship.

However, there are also other benefits of coexisting in the same environment. Most notably, you won’t encounter the same communication difficulties as couples that just met in a club. You will have a lot of common topics, so there will always be something to fall back on if your conversation hits a speed bump.

Having the same friends is another positive. It will make group dating much more fun, and you’ll also have a support system to assist you in creating a stronger bond. Couples that hook up in school or at work usually experience much more comfort during the early days, which sets up a powerful basis for a long-term relationship.

Dating Websites

Using dating sites to hook up with people has become normalized in our society. With these apps, you can easily connect with people who live in completely different areas of the city and who you probably would never meet otherwise. The best thing yet is that they make the entire process much more comfortable as you don’t have to lose time clubbing.

In fact, we can even say that online dating websites are one of the cheaper options on the list. If you’re a girl, you likely won’t have to spend a dime on these platforms. Even guys can use them for free, although they might want to purchase a paid version for a better experience.

Dating sites are especially good if you have a specific preference or are looking to just have sex. They allow you to quickly filter users based on certain parameters, making sure you won’t have to deal with single moms or other unwanted groups. Similarly, these platforms allow you to pursue certain individuals based on their preferences, such as dog lovers or art aficionados.

Unfortunately, things are not as perfect as they might seem at first glance. Otherwise, everyone would have found their perfect partner through these sites. The biggest issue with online dating is that you don’t know much about a person, which is why most of these hookups don’t end up in long-term relationships.

Then again, you might also consider using for-marriage websites, which are a bit more focused on finding a spouse.


When you’re young, it’s perfectly normal to hook up and date people you’ve met in bars and clubs, as well as private parties. Although picking up girls in bars and clubs requires some savvy, such as recognizing social cues, almost anyone can get a hang of it. In fact, hooking up during parties is ideal for guys who communicate well but aren’t necessarily good-looking.


The great thing about these types of hookups is that they’re fun. As long as you can enjoy yourself at the party, you’ll always have fun. A common mistake guys make is going to these events looking to hook up, which shouldn’t be your main priority. Instead, you should look to relax with friends, listen to music, and have a few beers.

Like dating apps, hooking up in clubs and bars is more likely to result in casual sex but not necessarily a long-term relationship. Still, if you’re willing to take things slowly, these kinds of hookups can lead to a marriage.

Mutual Friends

Meeting girls through mutual friends is fantastic for both sides, especially if you have a good matchmaker. Ideally, your friend will hook you up with someone who has similar interests, which will increase the likelihood that the relationship will last.

Unlike finding ladies in the club, you’ll get lots of valuable information from the get-go. Your friend can tell you more about her history while also pointing out potential red flags. Although there’s barely any room for mystery, you’ll know in advance what you’re getting yourself into.

Meeting people through friends also ensures that you won’t hurt each other. Both sides want to be respectful and on their best behavior. This mindset usually remains even later on when you hook up. Neither side wants to cheat or make a mess, as this will also reflect poorly on the person who introduced you to each other.

Meeting women through friends can also be fun, depending on the situation. For example, you can go on double dates and parties, which beats one-on-one dates with someone you barely know. Later, when you start dating, you will have mutual friends, which is another great perk. Given all of these things, it’s no wonder hookups via friends often lead to marriage.

Clubs and Groups

You can also find your future spouse by attending various classes, becoming a member of a gym or sports club, or joining various groups. Similar to dating a school friend, you’ll have enough time to assess a person in a normal, natural environment. That way, you can avoid some nasty surprises.


The best of all is that joining these clubs can be a lot of fun. You can work on your body or pick up new skills while also meeting new people. Even if you don’t hook up with anyone, you can increase your social circle, which is always awesome. Depending on how well you knew a person before hooking up and how well you gel, this type of end up in marriage.

Wrapping Up

Whether or not you find a quality woman often depends on the situation and environment where you meet her. Dating girls from work or school is usually the best idea, but many people also get lucky by meeting girls through friends. We suggest you pursue every opportunity on the list, as each one has its merits.