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Styling Tips for Human Hair Wigs: A Professional’s Perspective


Styling a wig is not the same as styling our own natural-born hair. Wig styling professionals use these tips to style their clients’ wigs. For both new and seasoned wig wearers, these tips will help you become a wig-styling pro in no time.

Style the Human Hair Wig

While it is on a Mannequin Head. Contrary to popular opinion, holding or wearing your wig is not the best method of styling it. Your wig needs to be fully expanded as it is when you are wearing it. When you attempt to hold the wig in one hand while you style it, the wig will flex and shift, which will interfere with your ability to style the human hair wig. By using the mannequin head, you will also be able to move it or yourself around it. The ability to see the wig from every angle means you will not miss any stray hairs. As you are styling, watch for hairs that do not stay in place. While you can make do with a wig stand, it does not allow you to use bobby pins, clips, or scrunchies, which will limit your styling options. With a mannequin head, you have all of these options.

Avoid Fine-Toothed Combs When Styling Your Human Hair Wig

Even a high-quality human hair wig can be damaged if you use the wrong comb or brush. Wide-toothed combs are designed for styling. The pokey end, aka handle, is used to work on braids and creating updos. Work from the bottom of the wig as you comb out any tangles. If you have a lot of tangles, use a detangling spray. You do not want to be rough. If you get frustrated, take a break and return when your patience is restored.

Shampoo And Conditioning Are Part Of The Styling Process

The process of shampooing and conditioning your wig will release the remains of its old style. The hair will be clean, free of hairspray and mouse residues, and easier to style. When you shampoo, never swirl your fingers. This can create knots and tangles. Use up and down motions working the shampoo between your fingers to create a lather before applying it to the wig.

Never Style A Wet Wig!

Air drying is best, but in a pinch, you can use your hair dryer on your human hair wig. Remember to keep it on a low setting. Keep it moving, and be sure not to overdry the human hair wig.

Even Real Human Hair Wigs Can Benefit From A Bit Of Protection

While it is usually safe to use heated styling tools like wands, curlers, crimpers, and similar tools, applying a heat protectant to the wig’s hair can be beneficial first.


Heat protectant sprays are made specifically for human hair wigs. Applying the protectant can help your human hair wig last longer.

Add Some Curl To Your Human Hair Wig!

Curling is one of human hair wigs’ most versatile styling tools. Getting curl to look right and stay on a human hair wig can be challenging. Here are the steps to give your wig just the right amount of curl.

Work With Real Human Hair Wigs In Sections Of Hair

Instead of working on the entire wig at once, separate the hair into sections. Here is where that mannequin head will shine. You want to curl the bottom layers of the wig first. You need to fasten the top layers up and out of the way to do this. Use clips or bobby pins. Use larger sections of hair for bigger, bouncier curls. For smaller curls, use more sections of smaller size.

A Little Heat Goes A Long Way

There is no need to use the high settings on your curling irons. Your freshly shampooed real human hair wig will curl just fine with low or medium heat. Avoid temperatures over 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher, and you risk damaging the wig.

One Section At A Time Onto The Curling Iron

Now for the simple part: Wrap each section one at a time onto the pre-heated curling iron. Be careful that no hair gets trapped under the clamp of your curling iron. Try holding the hairs in place to prevent them from getting stuck under the clamp. The longer the hair is wrapped around the curling tool, the smaller and tighter the curls will be. You can have a tight curl in as little as ten seconds. Do not leave the sections of hair on the curling tool too long! For a bouncy and loose curl, try seven seconds. Remember, every wig is unique. Start with the shorter time and move up a couple of seconds at a time until you get the perfect curl. Once a section has the right amount of curl, let it rest. It is best to wait for all the heat to be out of the curls before you begin styling them.

Use A Light Spritz Of Hairspray To Add A Little Staying Power

While your curls will usually stay styled the way you want them to in an office environment, they might need a little help in nature. Keep in mind that it only takes a little quality hairspray.

Waves Are A Fun And Versatile Style For Human Hair Wigs

Waves are trendy in spring and summer. The air of romance and youthful fun they add to an otherwise dull hairstyle is nothing short of amazing. These are the simple steps to add wave to your real human hair wig.

Work In Small Sections Of The Human Hair Of Your Wig

With thick and long-haired wigs, you will want four sections. If your wig has shorter or thinner hair, go with two. Remember, we are going for waves that cascade down, not the smaller and tighter curls we already covered.

Work From The Bottom To The Top

This is similar to curling your wig’s hair. You only want to wrap the last half or even the last third of the hair around the curling wand. This will allow a looser and bouncier wave instead of a curl. The more hair you wrap, the curlier and less wavey it will be. The shorter the time, the better the wave will bounce. Stay at five seconds and avoid holding the hair on the curling iron longer. This will create the waves we want and avoid the curls we do not.

Curl One Direction And Then The Other For The Best Beach Waves!

Unlike creating curls, where you curl in one direction and are done for fun, such as bouncy beach waves, we need to curl both forward and backward. First, curl the hair around the barrel towards the wig.


Then, after the hair cools, reverse the direction and do it again for another five seconds. This method is used by pro hairstyles on real human hair wigs to achieve the effortless, bouncy beach waves that are always the rage in spring and summer. Of course, you can find all types of wigs, including HD glueless wigs that are already styled if you need to save some time.

Feel The Waves With Your Fingers

You can use your fingers to loosen any waves that are a little more curled and less wave. Simply run your fingers through them one by one. Be gentle, and you will add more waves and reduce the curl.

Use Styling Gel Or A Light Spritz Of Hairspray On Your Human Hair Wig To Hold Those Waves.

A little styling gel or a spritz of hair spray, and you and your human hair wig are ready to hit the town, office, or beach.

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