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Coolest Gift Ideas For Children of All Ages: From Toys to DIY Kits

When people think about gifts for children, toys and sweets are most likely the first things that come to mind. However, the most common options are also the most risky—for instance, you might end up gifting a toy that a child already has. So it’s always good to have more options, whether it’s a science craft kit, a bicycle, or as simple as a giraffe-themed ruler.

Read further to discover original and engaging gift ideas. This article will help you create useful and relevant gifts for children of all ages.

8 useful gifts for children

Statistics show that 44% of children usually play with just 5–10 toys, even if they have much more. That’s why a toy might not necessarily be a good gift. Instead, consider trying one of these useful gift ideas.

Educational toys and games

These gifts are not just entertaining—they also help children learn and develop. For instance, with the help of puzzles, kids develop problem-solving skills. Building blocks, on the other hand, allow children to get creative and raise their spatial awareness.

Kids who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and math could enjoy exploring STEM kits. Interactive learning games can entertain and, at the same time, teach important skills like reading, math, and critical thinking.


A book can be a wonderful gift if a child enjoys reading. But even in other cases, an interesting and colorful book can help develop a passion for reading. What’s more, reading helps improve vocabulary and language skills, as well as boost imagination and creativity. Books also help kids become more empathic and emotionally intelligent, especially if they tell the stories of diverse characters and allow them to explore different perspectives.

Outdoor gear

Bicycles, scooters, sports equipment, and camping gear can be great gifts, especially in spring and summer, when children have the opportunity to try a gifted item immediately. Outdoor gear also has numerous benefits, depending on its type. For instance, bicycles and scooters are a great option for children who need to develop balance and coordination.

Sports equipment like balls, bats, and rackets can be a great fit for a kid who enjoys competition and teamwork. And camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, and binoculars) can help children explore and navigate nature. However, in this case, you should ensure that the adults of the family also enjoy camping and will be able to watch over the kids outdoors.

Handmade toys

If you are a person who enjoys crafting, consider gifting a handmade toy to a child. This could be a stuffed animal, a sewn doll, a wooden puzzle, or even a DIY ruler-making kit—anything that comes to mind and fits your skills. Handmade toys look timeless and original and have been treasured by families for years.

What’s more, you might enjoy the creative process yourself, e.g., measuring and sewing a giraffe-plush toy. This can also be a budget-friendly gift option, which is also important, considering that 62% of parents are concerned about affording gifts for their kids.

FAQ: What can you give a child as a gift other than a toy?

There are many other gift options, like the ones listed in this article. Nonetheless, you can also consider gifting an experience—for instance, taking a child to a show, a theme park, or the zoo.

FAQ: What would a 10-year-old like to win?

Winning a prize in a game is often not about the prize itself but about the sense of achievement and excitement children feel when they win. So, whether it’s a coveted board game, a DIY science kit, or even a fun novelty item like a unique pencil set, it’s the thrill of victory and the pride of accomplishment that truly matters.

DIY science kits

Many children enjoy science and its exciting experiments. For such kids, DIY science kits can be a great gift—of course, if you ensure that they are safe to use without adult supervision. Such kits allow children to create erupting volcanoes, grow crystals, and do many other enjoyable things. They also help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Hobby items

A great gift for a child is one that’s related to their hobbies. This might require some research if you are not the kid’s parent, but all the efforts are worth it. Such gifts can be musical instruments, painting materials, beads and jewelry supplies, and other items. Also, the gifts shouldn’t necessarily be related to the creation process—this could be something else but still meaningful, like taking the child’s giraffe drawing to print and turning it into stickers or other engaging printed materials.

Building sets

If a child enjoys construction, you can gift them LEGOs and similar building sets. Such sets are fun to play with and useful, too, as they help children become more creative and unleash their imagination, contributing to fine motor development and spatial awareness. Furthermore, kids can play with them both alone and in a company.

DIY craft kits

DIY kits are fantastic gifts that inspire creativity and help children express themselves through art and crafting. 

They usually consist of materials and instructions for making various things, such as jewelry, pottery, or paper crafts. With the help of a gift like this, children can develop a new hobby or simply have a nice time while improving their fine motor skills, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.

FAQ: What can you give as a sweet gift to children?

This could be a box of their favorite candies or chocolates in a colorful and appealing package. You can also give them homemade cookies, cupcakes, or a cake decorated with their favorite characters or themes.

FAQ: What do children like to receive most?

Most often, it’s toys that are relevant to their hobbies or interests, from action figures to puzzles. Consider popular and interactive games that are sought after, e.g., video games or immersive board games. These can provide hours of entertainment and foster social interaction among children.

To sum up

It can be quite difficult for people to come up with gift ideas for others. It’s even more challenging if you need to find the right gift for a child. Refer to the different gift ideas in this article to come up with something unusual, relevant, and fun.