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Do All Vapes Contain Nicotine?

Vaping has emerged relatively recently as a trend and has only reached near-universal popularity in the past few years. While a lot of people think about vaping in the context of smoking, either as an alternative or as a tool to help people quit, you might be wondering whether all vapes contain nicotine. Here, we decided to take a closer look at the different kinds of vapes, some of which contain nicotine while others do not.


The substance that is heated and turned into a vapour that you then inhale is called an e-liquid. These can contain a wide range of different ingredients and flavours, with a base of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) or in some cases, a mixture of the two.

While a lot of e-liquids have some kind of nicotine salt added to them, not all e-liquids have to contain that ingredient. Depending on the device you’re using, you can potentially change the kind of liquid it contains, choosing one with or without nicotine depending on your personal preferences.

Disposable Vapes

The most popular kind of vape at the moment is likely the single-use variety. Devices from suppliers such as Wholesale Disposable Vapes come in both nicotine and nicotine-free varieties in a range of different strengths.


Unlike box mods and vapes that use a pod system, you can’t change the e-liquids that disposable vapes come with – once you’ve chosen an option, you’re stuck with it until you use it up and buy another one.

Box Mods

Box mod vapes were the original kind of vaping device, but nowadays, they’re mostly used by relatively niche users who treat vaping as a serious hobby. The devices tend to feature a large battery, multiple controls to alter variables like temperature and airflow, and a tank into which e-liquid can be poured.

People who get really serious about vape tricks tend to use box mod devices. As these kinds of users tend to focus more on the aesthetic experience than anything else, it’s quite common that they’ll fill the tank with nicotine-free e-liquids.

Pod System Vapes

Lastly, you can get vapes that aren’t refillable, but that can have the pods replaced – Juul was the classic example of this style of vape for a long time. Again, vapes that use some kind of pod system can either use ‘standard’ e-liquids or nicotine-free varieties.


If you want to switch between one or the other, you don’t have to buy a whole new device – you can just buy new pods with different amounts of nicotine depending on what you fancy at that moment.

If you feel like giving vaping a go but you’re wary about getting addicted to nicotine, then you can absolutely try an option that doesn’t contain any. It’s a fun practice to try out, with very little commitment! Just make sure that you carefully check the packaging of the item that you end up going with so that you can ensure you’re fully aware of what you’re putting into your body.