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LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too is a unique twist on the regular ole’ mommy blog. We are a mom and dad team, a husband and wife partnership, plus the parents of 3 kids.  LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers come for more than the reviews and giveaways. We offer fun stories, educational articles, tips for healthy living and glimpse into what we find interesting in the world.

Why advertise?
The power of advertising is one of the oldest and one of the most beneficial ways to increase visibility of a company, cause or shop. The demographic of blog readers is who you want to buy your product. The decision makers are reading reviews, clicking ads, researching coupons and ultimately buying what has caught their attention

How can you advertise?
There are multiple options for getting the word out about you. Banner and Button advertising are the most popular. Your logo or another relevant graphic is added to our blog and is linked back to your website. Text links offer optimal SEO benefit. A strategically worded sentence will be place to catch a reader’s eye and encourage a click through. Content Articles and Informational Posts are written to explain your business, products or niche. This post will contain links and graphics. These particular posts will not have a personal opinion but be more factual, statement based.

What can we do for you?
As a family with 3 children we have a voice to many age groups, interest groups and personality types. We can use our voice to spread the word about your message. Whether you need a Brand Ambassador, review writer, blog contributor or just a face to go along with your name we can work on a campaign that works for everyone. Do you want to sponsor us for events, blog conferences, tours, open houses, trade shows and networking forums? Let’s discuss the details and work out a plan that will not only be successful but also productive.

Contact us with any questions or ideas you have and let’s establish a positive and winning relationship.

Melinda (at) lookwhatmomfound (dot) com

rob (at) lookwhatmomfound (dot) com