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How to Make Your Own Pegboard for Your Children’s Bedroom

How to Make Your Own Pegboard for Your Children’s Bedroom

A pegboard is usually used as a display/storage structure in most garages. But, it doesn’t have to be limited to only industrial use. It can be used in your home as well. Pegboards are a really great way to use your cute stationery as decoration while giving them a home of their own. 

If you have a playroom or an arts and crafts room – someplace where your kids play the most and do arts and crafts activities, this is a great way to use vertical space and also add some functional decor.

The stationery you get for your children are anyway colorful and more of a statement piece in themselves. Give them a moment on the wall. Let them shine. Here’s how to make a pegboard on your own.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Plywood
  • Tools (jigsaw, power drill, drill bit)
  • Wood Glue
  • Chalk Paint and a Paintbrush 

You can also get a proper pegboard if you do not want to make it from scratch.

Pegboard headboard ideas

STEP 1: Measure Your Plywood

Start by measure the area of the wall you want to cover with your pegboard. Use this measurement to mark out the plywood.

STEP 2: Cut Your Plywood

Cut the plywood to the measurement required. You can use a jigsaw, which is a power tool. You can also use a hand saw, but that will take a lot of your time and energy.

STEP 3: Drill Holes to Hang Your Organizer or Dowels

You now need to mark out where you need the holes to go. Mark them out at equal distances and then use a power drill to cut out the holes.

STEP 4: Glue the Dowels and Organizers to the Board

You can glue some of the dowels and organizers to the board so that they are sturdy. If you are going to changing things up, then you can glue in just the dowels that will hold things that you do not want falling. The organizers can be hung using hooks as well.

STEP 5: Hang It Up

You can drill the pegboard onto the wall so that it stays nice and secure. Start by drilling and securing the four corners and then add additional in the centers to ensure the security.

BONUS: Decorate!

Just because it is a functional decor piece in itself, it doesn’t mean that you cannot bring in some decor elements to up the wow factor. There are so many things that you can add, here are some examples and tips:

  • Add some greenery with some hanging plants.
  • Hang some pictures or quotes or posters.
  • Throw in something bright at random intervals.
  • Display your child’s artwork.
  • Use some of your child’s old toys as decorations.

Final Thoughts

Making your own pegboard isn’t difficult but is going to need power tools. You can buy readymade pegboards and then create the organizers yourself. A pegboard lets you have all your supplies on display. They are easily accessible, easy to maintain, and also make use of the vertical space. 

A pegboard can help your child be creative with the supplies and the decorations. With the things on display, they will reach for different things more often. You can decorate it with plants and memorabilia to add some personality.

5 Creative Ways to Decorate a Nursery

If you are expecting or someone else you know is, first of all, Congratulations! Now, you need to plan out the nursery. As important it is to consider the safety of the baby while decorating the room, it is also important to have fun elements.

Today, we will be talking about some of the unique ideas I have curated for nursery designs. These things have the ability to transform your room completely and also help channel your creativity.

Wall Mural Decals


Wall decals are a great way to spice up the walls of your nursery. They are cheap, easy to apply and remove, and colorful. You can go for a classy look or a total color fest. You can go for the designs aimed at kids like dinosaurs, animals, cartoons, anything and everything bright and colorful. You can easily remove the decals and replace them as your kid grows.

Floor Mural Decals

Floor decor

A lot of people don’t know about floor mural decals. Floor decals aren’t as popular as wall decals, but they are catching up. When the baby is able to crawl, it will be fun for the baby to crawl on a scene of a beach or jungle. They make the floors much for fun and make the room look airy. You can have an elaborate game of pretend play with toys that match the decal. It is great to create a story within the room.

Baby Name Plaque

Name plaque

Baby name plaques on the walls can add a great personal touch for the baby, and they will love it as they grow to read and write. There are many websites that will make custom name plaques for you. You can even frame each letter and put the name on the wall like a photo gallery. If you feel plaques are out of your budget and you want an inexpensive option then there are name decals as well, it will give you the same effect.

Cartoon Animal Heads


Fake animal heads have been trending recently. Cartoon animal heads are a fun addition to have. They are easy to find, like this one from eBay. You can also get custom animal head stuff toys made on eBay.

Hanging Cloud

Hanging cloud

Hanging clouds are really fun to look at even as adults. Imagine the happy laughter from your child. Imagine how fun it will be to have a cloud indoors and how marvelous it will feel when it is raining outside. It is really easy to make, you can turn it into a laid-back afternoon project. Even wikiHow teaches how to make a hanging cloud, this image is proof of it.

Decorating a nursery is your chance of unleashing the child inside of you. Babies don’t know good design from bad design. Add elements that will make them curious about things. The hanging clouds and the beach floor mural can help you teach them about the environment. Add elements that are in some way attached to learning, that way it will still be relatable as the child grows.

What Nurse-Parents Are Like

My mother always said that being a nurse is the most noble and rewarding job, and she was right. As a nurse, she met a lot of patients who came in with different problems, and her favorite thing to do was watch them leave the hospital with their families after they recovered. She said that the patients may not remember a nurse’s name, but will always remember what they did for the patient. Nurses have not only touched the hearts of patients; they have also made an impact on their own kids’ lives. I will never forget everything that my nurse-mother has done for me. Even when she had a really long, hard day, she would come home to make me dinner and tuck me into bed every single night. She took me to the hospital on numerous occasions, and proudly introduced me to everybody there. Being a nurses’ child has indeed been a pleasure, and I am sure others would also agree. Here are 9 points that aptly describe nurse-parents. How many of them can you relate with?

1. They are hardly home

I think we can all agree that nurses are the real superheroes in a hospital. They do everything in their part to make sure that patients are comfortable, reassure their families and assist during surgeries. They leave home early in the morning and return at odd hours. The worst part is that they are sometimes even called in to the hospitals on their day off!

2. They have the softest hands

If your parent is a nurse, go feel their hands! As a child, I always used to always hold on to my mother’s hand because they were so soft and cold. Nurses have extremely soft hands as a result of washing their hands a thousand times a day. Those soft palms, with neatly trimmed nails also appear tired and stiff from the long hours at the hospital.

3. They are never fooled

Here’s a fact – The child of a nurse can never skip school, unless they are actually sick. As kids, we love to pretend that we are ill just to miss school. We artificially make our forehead hot and our face red to fool our parents and stay at home. However, it is nearly impossible for the child of a nurse to actually pull off this trick. Nurses are smart enough to identify symptoms, and can easily understand when kids pretend. Never try this trick with them!

4. They are well-equipped

Nurses always stock up the medicine cabinet at home with enough pills and first aid supplies. They even keep a stethoscope in hand, in case their children fall sick. They can easily identify an illness when we list out a few symptoms, and know what to do. No wonder all my friends prefer to come to my mother when they fall sick, or get injured!

5. They work on Christmas

Hospitals will always function, even if it is Christmas! Nurses are on duty even on this National holiday; doing their best to take care of sick patients. It is disappointing for children to wake up excitedly on Christmas morning, only to find out that their mother had to work. Yet, these loving nurse moms also make it a point to leave some gifts under the Christmas tree for the little ones, and arrange for a homely Christmas dinner for the family.

6. Their closets are filled with scrubs

Who knew a nurse could own so many scrubs? When I was young, I would go sit inside my mother’s closet, between her scrubs, because I loved the smell of clean, soft scrubs! Laundry has to be done every single day to ensure that their scrubs are white and clean before they leave to the hospital!

7. They teach us how to be independent

Nurses’ children are usually more independent than other children. From a very early age, they are aware how hectic their parent’s job can be. They do their part to help out around the house, since their parent usually returns home late. They are taught how to cook, do the laundry and babysit the younger children.

8. They are extremely proud of their job

Nurses love what they do. They get to cure lives just as much as doctors can! They take care of patients, scrub in on surgeries and communicate with patients’ families. Why would they take up such a hectic job if they didn’t love what they are doing? Most nurses love speaking about their job to their children, in the hopes that they too will get inspired to become a nurse!

9. They teach their children how to be grateful

Nurses have seen everything – they have witnessed the pain and sufferings that patients go through, and the sadness and desperation that the families of patients feel. They know how hard life gets, and how valuable life is. Therefore, they make it a point to remind their children over and over again to count their blessings, and to be good, and kind to all.

8 Beautiful Life Lessons Taught by Mothers

The most influential person in everybody’s lives is their mother. She was there for us from the moment we were born, until we are ready to face the outside world. Being a mother is more than just being a personal cook, or chauffer. Our mothers have taught us so many life lessons when we were young. What we learnt as a child is what helped build our character, and make us into smart, responsible people. We had the opportunity to interview some lovely ladies, who were more than happy to anonymously share some beautiful life lessons taught by their mothers.

“My mother taught me how to be independent. From a young age, she made sure that I helped out with the chores, and included me while making family decisions. When we moved to a new country, she even let me set up my room. She respected me, and treated me as an equal. That has really helped make me the strong woman that I am today.”

“My mother taught me how to love myself. I was, and still am an extremely caring person. I would go out of my way to help people that I love. That resulted in me getting hurt really often. I remember, my mother took me to a fancy restaurant one evening, and left me there. She wanted me to go on a ‘date’ with myself. I thought that it was an absurd idea. However, when she came back to pick me up, I realized how much it actually helped me. I had a lot of time to think, and understand myself. Having some ‘me time’ is extremely important to be happy and content with life.”

“My mother taught me how important it is to stand up for myself. As a child who was constantly bullied, and now as a young lady who is judged because of my ethnicity, I found it really hard to hold my head up high. My mother taught me how to be strong and helped me gain confidence. She never encouraged me to physically fight back against the bullies, but instead enrolled me in a self-defense class. She would constantly remind me about what a good person I am, and how much I’ve accomplished. That really helped boost my confidence.”

“My mother taught me how to be a good mother! When I was growing up, I thought that my mother was too strict, and I secretly wished she could be as liberal as my friends’ mothers. However, now that I have my own kids, I find myself being just like my own mother. Now I realize that everything she did, or said was for my own good. I feel confident that I can raise my children to be good human beings just like how my mother brought me up.”

“My mother taught me how to be myself. As a teenager, I always knew that I liked girls. I was extremely scared to talk to my parents about it, because I imagined that they would hate me. Somebody found out and spread a rumor about me in school. People started to say some really bad things, and my mother was called in to school. I was extremely scared that she had to find out this way, but she took it really well. She hugged me and said that she was proud of me. I’ve never been scared to be myself ever since then.”

“My mother taught me how to be a graceful woman. I was an extremely rebellious teenager, who colored her hair pink and wore too much make up. I would do anything to get attention! When I was sixteen, my mother bought me this beautiful pink dress for my junior prom. She did my make up, and curled my hair too. I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world! My mother taught me how I could look good, and actually feel good at the same time. I learnt that if I love myself, I could be confident, graceful and elegant, and people would respect me more for who I am, and not who I portray myself as.”

“My mother taught me to dream big. When she was growing up, she didn’t have many opportunities. She spent all her life taking care of her family, and making sure that we were happy and content. When I told my mother that I wanted to start a company, she told me that I could do it. She never believed in the concept of ‘being realistic’ or ‘being practical’. My mother gave me the confidence that anything is possible, and can be achieved.”

“My mother taught me to count my blessings. It has made me more compassionate towards other people. We didn’t have a lot of money, but she would donate food and clothing to the lesser privileged every month. That was what made her such a remarkable human being.”

Choosing the Right Art for Your Home

Home decor

Adding art to your home can really help to transform the overall feel of it but sometimes it can be hard to find the right piece. When you are trying to choose the right piece of art, you need to think carefully about what it represents, where you are going to place it and how well it fits in your home. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things that you should consider when you are choosing the right piece so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

The Location

It is important that you have the right location in mind for your new art piece before you go ahead and purchase it. It is likely that you already have a space that you’d like to put it, so you should make sure to measure it so that you know exactly how much space that you have. You don’t want to choose a piece that is either too big or too small as this might ruin the overall effect. Make sure that you leave enough space to allow your art to be centered and focus on one great piece rather than several in one place.

The Colour Scheme

When choosing a piece of art for your home, the colour scheme of the piece is very important. Most great pieces will have some prominent colours that you should try to carefully match them with the décor of your room. This is important to ensure that your art and your décor are not clashing and so you should make sure that your fine art ties in well. If you are unsure about which colours might go together, do some research and you’ll find many colour combinations that typically look good in interior design.

The Design

Make sure to carefully consider the message that your new piece of art is going to give. The colour of the piece is not the only important part as art can be so varied in its style. You’ll be able to choose from many different designs from images of people to locations or even canvases with just words on them. Make sure not to choose something that will clash with the design of your home. Find a piece that is right for you and you’ll find that your home is transformed by this great new addition.

The Cost

Art can be expensive, especially those pieces that you think might look best in your home. You should always try to choose something that is within your budget but don’t be afraid to splash out if you find a hidden gem. Your best bet would be to choose your art from an online market place like Fine Art America, as they have a wide range of art to suit every budget. When choosing art for your home, think about spending more on one great piece rather than splitting the cost amongst a few average looking pieces. You will love coming home to a piece of fine art that transforms your room and you won’t be sorry about how much you paid for it.

Easy Mason Jar Crafts

Ever walk through the craft store or flea market and see a great THING and think “That could be something amazing” but not know where to go from there. I think of myself as pretty crafty but I come up blank with ending ideas very often. I feel like I try to do to much, think of something too grand. Re-purposing and recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes the smallest changes to something can make a beautiful and purposeful impact.

These simple mason jar DIYs are a great start to get your creative muscles a workout.

Start with mason jars of all sizes and colors. Buy what appeals to you. I have an obsession with antique Blue Mason Jars with Zinc lids. I collect them when I can find them and actually use them all over my kitchen to hold baking supplies, spices and sometimes flowersHow to use Mason jars in the home

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder
This simple idea to add some country chic to the bathroom is from Fireflies and Mudpies. With the addition of some wire you instantly have a toothbrush holder for the family.
Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Use what you already have to make something special in a bathroom or kitchen. Don’t stop there either. This dispenser tutorial from Burlap and Babies shows how to use these for anything; add lotion, mouthwash, coffee syrups and more.
Mason Jar Vase
Another easy idea to use what you already have on hand. Grab some yard, twine, lace or paint and create a beautiful vase for flowers, herbs or candles. Make it as elegant or fun as you wish.
Mason Jar Candle Holder
Dump in some sand or colored stones and you’re done, top with a tealight Instant candle holder. If you don’t want to stop there, don’t. A couple brush strokes of your favorite paint color will transform a simple clear jar into a pretty and trendy candle holder to light up a dinner table or hallway.
Mason Jar Bowl
A couple times a week I add a scoop of oatmeal, some brown sugar, a handful of sliced almonds and milk to a jar. I top it with a lid and put it in the fridge. In the morning I grab it and go to work. This ensures I eat breakfast and it’s done the night before. Chia seeds are all the rage these days and make a fantastic overnight breakfast pudding.
Mason Jars for Storage
Use them as they were intended. Store food, household supplies, drinks, hardware and even kid’s stuff in them. They make everything more fun like these Superhero Jars created by Country Chic Cottage just for kids to store all of these little things that end up in the floor, in the vacuum or chewed up by the dog. 

Simple Mason Jar Ideas for the NOT Crafty

Adding some decorative touches to a mason jar will immediately transform it. My daughter is obsessed with Washi Tape so she’s wrapping it around everything she can get her hands on similar to this Washi Tape Jar from Nileey Sphere shown above. Maybe paint is your thing. Where you brush it on or spray it on it’s going to look amazing. These painted and distressed jars from It All Started With Paint can hold flowers, plants, paintbrushes and kitchen utensils for years to come when treated properly. Use what you have. Start simple and be proud of everything you create.

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Craft

Are you tired of hearing me talk about handmade holidays yet. There’s something about creating gifts and decor that suit perfectly one’s taste that really appeals to me. Each year the kids and I make ornaments, cards and decorations not just for our home but to share with the grandparents and other family.  I still unwrap ornaments Sabreena made when she was little and they each bring a smile to my face. This Burlap and Evergreen Tree is a more recent creation. I took some inspiration from pictures I saw on Pinterest but definitely made it my own.

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft I had everything I needed to make this; card stock or , felt, hot glue, burlap roll, evergreen clippings from the yard and scissors.Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft
Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft

Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft




  • Create a large cone with your cardstock or posterboard. This particular tree is tall I used a posterboard that was tucked away in the closet. The best cones come from a Pac Man shape rolled tighter for a thinner shape or kept wide for a fatter cone like party hat.
  • Secure your ends with tape from top to bottom.  I then spray painted my coat with a quick coat of brown so that any cone showing through wouldn’t be too obvious.
  • Measure a length of burlap around your cone base. Cut it, fold in half (tack with glue if needed) and clip 75% up on the folded edge about 1-2 inches apart.
  • Glue this around your cone and repeat all the way up ensuring there is sufficient overlap.
  • Tuck in sprigs of evergreen or other greenery, real or fake.  Personalize by cover with glitter, holly berries, fake snow or mini ornaments.
  • Top your tree with a hand cut felt star glued to the top of the cone.
  • Your tree is ready to display.Handmade Burlap and Evergreen Tree Holiday Craft

Complete this tree in less than a half hour or make an entire forest in a day. These on a mantel, paired with long pillar candles is a subtle but gorgeous display of the season.

I think this would be beautiful made in muslin, lace or even felt.  I have another prepared cone waiting for a makeover.

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #handmadeholidays

Each Christmas season as we start to decorate I get all kinds of nostalgic. I look at the boxes of handmade ornaments from years past and I remember the time when they kids and I made them or when they brought them home from school. Making our own ornaments each year is not only a great way to bulk up your inventory over the years its the best way to create memories and add your own touch to the holidays. This handmade Christmas Tree Planting ornament reminds me of the days of chopping down our own tree in years past and kinda pushes me back to that desire. Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

When I was pregnant with Shaun we were about to venture out on our annual hayride to the Christmas tree farm when I knew I couldn’t do it. I was tired, plump, achy and grouchy. It was cold and I didn’t want to go. That year we spent a pretty penny and bought a gorgeous fake tree and have been using it each year since then. It’s still a great tree but we’re missing the memories of that family outing.

That decision hasn’t been made yet but making this adorable ornament is a great touch to any tree.


  • Styrofoam ball
  • Burlap or Muslin
  • Craft glue
  • Evergreen clippings
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging
  • Twine, yarn  or embroidery floss for tying
  • Straight pin
  • Button, acorn or other embellishment
  • Ribbon or hanging 8″-10″


Wrap your Styrofoam ball with your burlap. Tuck in edges so the ball is completely covered using the craft glue for some support.
While holding your burlap in place start spearing the Styrofoam with your evergreen clippings. Use the glue again to provide some staying power. With a straight pin insert a loop of hanging ribbon into the Styrofoam along with the branch pieces.
With a length of yarn or embroidery floss tightly tie the burlap closed. Cut off long ends.
Adjust and fold down your burlap and add button with glue. Set aside to dry
Hang on your tree, hook on wall or use to decorate a wreath.

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament side
Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

This craft is part of a collaborative effort of 25 bloggers called 25 Days of Handmade Holidays. We each will showcase our crafty, artsy and creative abilities to celebrate the upcoming holidays by sharing our handmade ornaments, home decorations or DIY gifts.

Christmas Tree Planting Ornament Craft #HandmadeHolidays #BlogTour

25 Days of Handmade Holidays Blogger Collection

Skeleton Key Shadow Box Craft

There was a time recently that I had a little obsession with skeleton keys. Rob got me a really pretty necklace a couple years ago through Etsy and I started collecting them from vintage shops and flea markets. So I had a collection of keys. Now what. I wanted to display them, show them off, admire their tarnished and rusty appearance.  So this Skeleton Key Shadow Box was made.Skeleton Key Shadow Box #craft #upcycle

I bought the shadow box frame for a few dollars from Ikea I believe. Everything there is so cheap it definitely wasn’t a wallet buster. The keys were bought over many shopping trips but I would estimate I spent $15 on the all of the keys. The scrapbook paper came as part of a gift from ACMoore so that was free.

I spent more time arranging the keys in than anything else. The shadowbox came together quickly.


Shadow Box or Frame without glass

Scrapbook paper, old map or music paper

Skeleton keys

Adhesive ( I used E-6000)


Start playing with the placement of your keys.  I had way to many to fit in the shadowbox but was able to fit a good amount in the small space. Play with sizes and direction to get something that is pleasing to the eye.  Then play with different backgrounds. Arranging your keys on the glass and sliding different papers underneath makes this step super simple.

I went with a 6X6 map with a vintage feel. It fit the area that I planned on hanging this and to me felt like the best fit. Wedding music or a favorite poem would be great choices too.

Skeleton Key Shadow Box #craft #upcycle

Skeleton Key Shadow Box #craft #upcycleTake a picture of your arrangement then using a quick drying glue start placing your keys in their spot on the paper. Let the keys set for 1 hour then put your frame back together and hang.

I love old thing but I have to find ways to incorporate them into my cookie cutter home. This shadow box can be done with anything you’re collecting.

DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets #kidsinthekitchen

My kids are older so we’ve passed the stage of singing letter magnets on the fridge. We still have lots of magnets but we’ve upgraded to ones that have memories, are handmade, and do double duty (like powerful rare earth magnets that hold everything from the school menu to a half-open bag of rice! Those “classic” primary color letters don’t really fit our style anymore. What does a crafty mom and crafty kid too then, they DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets.DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets

We wanted to make them so it would allow us to leave little notes to each other. Making  them small allowed us to make many of them, a couple alphabets worth.

Refrigerator Letter Magnets

  • 1/2″-3/4″ clear glass, flat gems (found in floral arranging section)
  • old magazines, junk mail, brochures
  • clear drying school glue
  • super glue or hot glue
  • scissors
  • disc magnets 1/2″-3/4″

Leaf through old magazine, seek out bright and fun headlines and titles. Determine if they’ll fit behind your marble by simply placing the gem on top and making sure you can see the letter, number or symbol clearly.

Apply clear drying school glue to the back of the marble, press firmly to the letter/page. Let completely dry for up to 1-2 hours.

When the glue has completely dried carefully cut/trim paper away from glass gem so paper does not stick out from behind gem. Using hot glue/super glue attach the magnet and to glass gem, pressing firmly.

Magnets will be ready to use in 10 minutes.

*****Keep careful watch using hot glue or super glue around children.DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets

DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets
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