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Top 10 Refreshments that spell out – SUMMER!

We all love summer: getting out in the garden, enjoy the company of friends and perhaps stoke up a barbecue or two. Fresh food gets more varied and tasty but it’s the drinks that make this time of year so special. Here are our top ten refreshments for summer.
Sangria,         Finished

 Sangria image by Didriks, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

1. Fruity delight

Summer means fruit, so the first choice has to be the classic Sangria. This simple mix of wine and fruit juice (brandy is strictly optional!) is classically Spanish and when served in a jug is the ideal way to share with friends.

2. Enduring cocktail

You might say that the Caribbean has a perpetual summer, so they know a thing or two about liquid refreshment. The next choice therefore is the classic Planters’ Punch, popular for over a hundred years.

3. Minty freshness

Another Caribbean drink with an even longer history is Cuba’s signature drink the Mojito, a mixture of crushed mint leaves, lime and rum, this drink is the perfect accompaniment to a Caribbean holiday in the sun, or a special treat back at home.

4. Popular beer

And if those last two are a little strong for your taste then Jamaica’s classic beer Red Stripe should bring you all the sense of relaxation of that sunny island.

5. Classic cocktail

Perhaps one of the most cocktails ever is the exotic but widely popular Margarita from Mexico with its rich blend of tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. A lovely drink to sip slowly in the shade – do it properly and go for the salted glass rim.

6. Poolside refreshment

A different fruit base but equally delicious is the Piña Colada. With its unique and sweet blend of pineapple, coconut, and rum for some it’s the ultimate vacation drink and indeed is best enjoyed on the beach or poolside (or on your own yacht if possible!)

7. Perfect wine

Simple and pretty in pink, a properly chilled Rosé is the perfect summer wine and somehow more festive than its white or red cousins. Choose carefully though to get a good one.


 Daiquiri image by Anthony Knuppel, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

8. Frozen goodness

There is something inherently stylish about the Daiquiri from Cuba. It’s basically rum, lime and sugar – you can then choose from conventional or frozen versions.

9. It’s Pimms O’Clock!

The penultimate choice for summer refreshments is the oh-so-English Pimms. A gin based liqueur with subtle additions of citrus fruits and spices, it mixes well with lemonade, ginger ale or even champagne for that very special summer event.

10. The original alcoholic beverage

And last but by no means least, lets celebrate the classic Gin and Tonic. As simple as it sounds, all you need is a slice of lime for absolute perfection. Traditionally enjoyed as the sun sets, in fact a G&T is great to chill with any time.

So all you need now is a pair of shades, some good company and time to relax. With one of these lovely tipples to hand, you really will have summer in a glass. Cheers!