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Give Your Closet a Makeover

Give Your Closet a Makeover
By Carol Tuttle

If you are like most women, there are too many times you go into your closet with the thought, “I feel like I have nothing to wear!” as you stand there looking at a closet full of clothes!
Your husband has no clue why you could feel this way, because in his eyes, you have more than enough to wear in there!
The problem is not in quantity, the problem is in not having a closet full of clothes and other fashion items that you KNOW look great on you and more importantly you feel great in!
Too many times you have listened to “others” in making some of your fashion purchases, or you have used the “it fits and it’s on sale” as your only standard of what you should buy without any thought to “is this really the best for me? And do I love it?”
Take time this Spring to give your closet a makeover by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Go through your clothes and create 3 categories:
a. I haven’t worn it in a year and I probably won’t wear it in the next year – I just don’t like it
b. Maybe I like it
c. I love it!
Pile a. goes to a charity or Women’s Center. Go through pile b. again and really make a decision, be really honest, can you say you love it, if not it goes to pile a. Pile c. is the keepers.

2. Assess how much black you have hanging in your closet. If black clothes are taking up at least one third to half your closet, it is pretty gloomy in there. Commit to not buying any more black clothes until you have at least two-thirds to three-fourths of your closet in color.
3. Assess your shoes. Do you have some fun, stylish shoes you love? If not it’s time to get yourself a pair.
4. How old is your purse? If you have been using it for more than a year, it’s time to get a new one.
5. Do you have jewelry you have fun wearing? Get some fun jewelry that adds some spice to your outfits. No jewelry is like being served a birthday cake with no frosting… boring! Shoes, handbags, and jewelry are what make getting dressed fun!

Giving your closet a makeover does more for you than bringing new life to your closet, you get a makeover too, since what’s in your closet goes on you! Have fun sprucing your closet and yourself up!

Carol Tuttle is the best-selling author of Dressing Your Truth, a radio show host, a speaker, and a successful business woman as the creator and founder of Energy Profiling. Having worked in the self-help and self-realization field for most of her career, she has experienced the myriad of tools and systems we resource to assist us in discovering and living our truth. Get to know Carol a little better on BlogTalkRadio, Mondays 7-8PM, MST.

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