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Comcast Xfinity #summerofkids on the go programming

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This summer has been lots of fun with trips to the beach, museums, pool and parks but my kids enjoy their downtime with their favorite shows in between the field trips.

We’ve been Comcast customers for several years so I always knew Comcast Xfinity On Demand was a great option for us grownups. We often spend our eveings trying to catch up on favorite shows and new movies but I never realized how many kid friendly shows were available.  With a huge variety of networks like Cartoon Network, HUB, Nick Jr. and NatGeo Wild my kids always have great entertainment right at their fingertips.

Comast Xfinity Family Shows #summerofkids

PLUS the fact that everyone has their own personal device we aren’t limited to just watching what one person wants to watch.

Comcast Xfinity #summerofkids


Shae can watch Strawberry Shortcake on my phone and Shaun and Sabreena can watch Adventure Time on their iPods and we can watch Nat Geo Wild as a family on rainy days at the beach on the laptop.  Having this much connectivity can be a curse sometimes too but having built in parental controls and access limits can put our mind at ease.  Using your device or laptop updating settings for the programs you do not want your children to watch are simple. Each family member can have their own account with their own favorites ready to watch without having to maneuver around the temptation of inappropriate content.

Comcast Xfinity #summerofkids

The #summerofkids program is all about giving kids what they want when they want it.  Say goodbye to “Are we there yet”, “What can I do”, “I’m bored” and “I don’t like this show” bothers of long car trips, rainy days or days at the grandparents.

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