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New Years Eve Date Night

This may be our first New Years Eve ever without the kids. My best friend has graciously offered to take all 3 kids along with her 2 and niece in order for Rob and I to have some time to ourselves. Each year we usually celebrate as a family with fondue and some champagne for Rob and I.  This year it’s going to be just us adults.

We aren’t the party goers and drinkers that we used to be.  We aren’t prepared to stand among thousands of other people in the cold to watch a ball drop.  We won’t don formal attire to champagne toast the stroke of midnight with a bunch of strangers at a club.  We will get a bite to eat, a couple drinks, laugh and talk and head home to just spend time together.  It’s been a rough year and we want to start the new one off on the right foot, start the year with good times, good memories and each other.

The kids will experience a livelier event with sparkly party hats, noise makers, confetti and sparkling cider in plastic flutes.  They might even make it to midnight!

We Had A Date!

On Tuesday I surprised Melinda with a visit home. I try to go home once during the week because I really miss Melinda and the kids. Since I never told Melinda that I was coming home she didn’t have enough dinner for me. Honestly she didn’t have enough dinner for herself either which made this the perfect opportunity for Melinda and I to go out and grab some dinner and have a “Date Night”.  

We went to PF Changs and it was a great time. We got to spend some quality time together without the kids which was really nice for the both of us. I really enjoyed being with Melinda and talking and just having a relaxing dinner.  We never do anything for us and we always come last in the long list of daily responsibilities but after Tuesday night I think we are going to need to spend more quality alone time together. It was really really nice and I am looking forward to the next “Date Night”.