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Is This Really Happening?

It has been since May that oil is spilling into the Gulf and no one has answers or a solution. Don’t get me wrong I am not a scientist or an expert on oil drilling by any means but you are telling me with the creation of smart phones, electric cars and every other technical advance we have no solutions for this spill. I am assuming the answer to that is NO considering oil is still spewing into the Gulf daily.

I was reading Yahoo news this morning and here are some key points of the article:

BP announcing that it could trap a maximum of roughly 2.2 million gallons of oil daily by the end of June as it deploys additional containment efforts, including a system that could start burning off vast quantities as early as Tuesday.

Why was the above not done as soon as the oil starting leaking? Why does it take well over a month and hundreds of millions of gallons of oil for this to happen?

The breached well has dumped as much as 114 million gallons of oil into the Gulf under the worst-case scenario described by scientists — a rate of more than 2 million a day. BP has collected 5.6 million gallons of oil through its latest containment cap on top of the well, or about 630,000 gallons per day.

This number is drastically different then what BP announced at the beginning and throughout this whole ordeal.

We have been drilling for oil in the Gulf for some time now and no one seems to have a contingency plan in place. Why don’t the owners of these oil rigs have a disaster plan in place? I find it very hard to believe that nobody thought this could happen. I am not saying this is a common occurrence or has ever occurred for that matter but you need to think of all dangers and risks in advance to avoid a disaster like this especially when people and wildlife are at risk.

Documents revealed that BP made a series of money-saving shortcuts and blunders that dramatically increased the danger of a destructive spill from a well that an engineer ominously described as a “nightmare” just six days before the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. Investigators found that BP was badly behind schedule on the project and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars with each passing day, and responded by cutting corners in the well design, cementing and drilling mud efforts and the installation of key safety devices.

BP cut corners to save about $7 – $10 million dollars on a well that cost $96 million to create. REALLY? BP makes a ridiculous amount of cash and they skimp to save $7 – $10 million. This is a total disgrace and shows how corporate America is just greedy to save money and increase revenue. I understand the concept of saving to increase profit but do you do it with an oil well that is miles under the ocean that can hurt and affect millions of people?

I hope BP is held responsible for this disaster and is hit with the clean up bill that is in the billions at this point.  I feel they made mistakes that caused this and they should fix it and clean up the problems they made no matter the cost.

I hope someone comes up with a viable solution soon to save the Gulf and the people who live in the Gulf and their livelihood.

How do you feel about what is going on in the Gulf?