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Why Is DMV Like The Dentist?

Everyone hates to go. Well at least everyone I know hates to go to DMV. My father in-law hates the DMV so much I swear he buys a new car right before his registration is about to expire which is 5 years in Delaware.

So yesterday DMV was open from noon until 8pm and Melinda and I needed to go because our vans registration was going to expire on July 15th plus we needed to do an address change for our driver’s license as well as the registrations for both cars. The first thing was to get the van inspected which didn’t take as long as we thought considering the sign we stopped at said 60 minutes from this point. Total time in the inspection line was probably 30 minutes. The next step was to go inside and that is when the hell began. We received number A003 and they were on A190 and once that number hits A299 it then resets to A000. So we were about 113 people away and that was just to do an address change on our DL. After that we needed to wait in another line to renew the vans registration and to change the address on both cars registrations.

So I went back up to the person who was giving the numbers out and asked could I just renew my vans registration and he told me I needed to do the address change on the DL first so that my DL and registration addresses matched. While speaking to the man Shaun comes running over and said “Dad they just asked if anyone was doing an address change from one DE address to another DE address” which we were so I ran over to see what was going on. DMV pulled aside the people who were doing an address change which was about 7 of us and put them in one line. Thank goodness because this allowed us to bypass 100 other people or so that have been waiting for hours. The funny thing here if you call this funny was while in line the system at the DMV went down. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!! Thank goodness it was only down for 10 minutes. So Melinda and I finally got our address changed on our DL and they transferred me over to the registration area which I didn’t even have to wait for. We got our registrations in order and we were gone. It took about 2 hours total to get this done. Thanks goodness I got a two year registration on the van but I need to go to the DMV in 2011 for my car. I am looking forward to visiting the DMV again real soon. NOT!!!!!!!