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Ace Marks Dress Shoes – Artisan Dress Shoes Reinvented for the Modern Gentleman

When I was in the banking industry I needed to dress up every single day for work which I really liked.  After my last banking position I make a total career change and started working for UPS as a package car driver.  This field required me to wear a uniform with black boots or sneaker so I no longer really dress up like I did before.

My favorite part of dressing up is wearing really nice dress shoes and I had my go to shoes but I was recently contacted about a brand called Ace Marks.  Ace Mark is the fastest growing shoe campaign in kickstarter history reaching their goal of $20,000 in less than 24 hours and I can see why.

It’s a $600 luxury shoe for less than $200. Ace Marks is handcrafted in Italy by a family of 4th generation master craftsmen. Their work for other labels usually retails north of $600 but they are going to offer Ace Marks at $200.  That isn’t even the best part of the company.  What really caught my eye is that Ace Marks is the first and only luxury brand that will buy back its shoes. Customers will be able to send back their old Ace Marks for a $60 credit towards a new pair. They have partnered with Career Gear, a leading national organization helping men in need, to donate your old shoes and help men get back on their feet and re-enter the work force.



So not only are you getting hand crafted quality shoes for a great price but once you are done with them they will be donated so someone in need can have a nice pair of shoes which to me is a really great program.

I haven’t tried these shoes just yet but I am looking forward to getting a pair of the Wing Tip Vincent.


Ace Mark offers many different styles as well as color choice so their is something for everyone no matter your taste.  If you like hand craft shoes for a great price you may want to give these shoes a try.