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My Sunday Shopping Fiasco With The Kids!

This past Sunday we all headed out for a family shopping trip. After dropping dropping off Melinda for a chance to shop in quiet. Shaun, Shae and I headed to Boscov’s so I could find a few items. I thought I would be ok taking Shaun and Shae with me alone but I was so so wrong!

It started ten minutes into the trip where I don’t think I even had 3 things picked out with Shae saying “Daddy, I need to pee” so I asked the associate where the bathrooms were. Of course they were on the second level and guess what level I was on, yup you guessed it level 1. So after Shae went to the bathroom we headed back down stairs to the men’s department. The whole way Shaun and Shae touching everything they passed. Question, why the heck do kids find this so fun and amusing? After we got back downstairs I asked the associate where the boys department was because Shaun needed a new bathing suit. It was on level 2  AGAIN. At this point I am starting to get annoyed. So we made our way upstairs and on the way we had to take the escalator which I forgot to mention on our first trip upstairs Shae was terrified of and she made me hold her. So after we get his bathing suit and he tries it on we head back downstairs becauseI still haven’t got what I came for. We get back downstairs and I am looking for clothes and here comes Shae, “Daddy, I need to poop”. REALLY!!!!!!!! You couldn’t have told me this last two freaking times we were upstairs. Now at this point I am ready to pull my hair out but we go back upstairs; for those keeping score this is trip number 3.

One last time i’m going to attempt to look for things for me; I ask Shaun and Shae to have a seat but I can hear them fighting over the chair. I was trying my hardest to find clothes quickly and try them on but I can still hear them fighting over the chair. I come out and hear Shae crying. I run over to see what happened and Shaun said Shae fell over the side of the chair. I asked him if he pushed her and while saying “No” he had a sneaky little smirk. If you know Shaun he tends to laugh or smile when he is lying so I figured he pushed her. At this point I am ready to scream and I threatened bodily harm (even though that never happens). When I looked up an older couple was staring at me probably because I threatened Shaun. All I could do was stare at them and see if they planned on saying something which they didn’t. After Shae settled down I asked her if Shaun pushed her and she said no which was a good thing. Not sure how long the shopping trip took but I did find most of what I was looking for but let me tell you it was the most difficult trip I have ever been on with Shaun and Shae.Suffice it to say I was ready to go home and lock myself in a room.  Not sure how Melinda does it all of the time.