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Holiday Wishlist 2010 – Powermat

If you are anything like my family then you have nine million things that need to be charged. In our house we have three cell phones, two blue tooth devices, three iPod’s and a Nintendo DS and were in desperate need of a charging station.  Thank goodness we got a chance to analyse the Home & Office Mat with Powercube from Powermat.

The home and office mat with Powercube is really cool because you can charge up to three devices at one time by either using a receiver or the Powercube.  Powermat also offers portable mats for that person who is always on the go.  The Powercube comes with either 2 tips : Mini USB and Micro USB or 8 tips : Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP making it a very universal device.   The Powercube is what I use to charge my Blackberry 8530, Melinda’s Samsung Fascinate and both of our Jawbone Icon Bluetooth’s.  The Powercube allows you to charge hundreds of devices wirelessly.

The Powermat to me is the most versatile charging system out on the market today with so many different options it would be hard to find a device that it wouldn’t charge.  It is simple to use with its audio confirmation which is a unique sound that lets you know your device is connected properly and charging.  The Powermat also had auto shut off and full charge check allowing you to save energy and not overcharge your device.  It is also a very affordable system versus having to buy multiple home chargers for your cell phone, Bluetooth or any other device you might need to charge at home or while in the office.

If you are looking for a device that is slim, sleek and allows you charge many devices with one plug then you need to get yourself or that gadget person on your holiday list a Powermat.

Want a Powermat of your own head over to Powermat and tell me what item or items you like or something cool about the products.

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