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Bringing Back Memories with Glade #meltsbestfeelings

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My grandmother passed away almost 5 years ago but something happens every once in a while where I swear I can feel her standing right next to me. Her apron hangs in my kitchen and if it gets moved or handled it releases the smell of her perfume even after all these years. The memories start flooding back. It makes me want to stay in the kitchen and spend time with the kids and bake and cook and create our own warmer

Sawdust is another scent that brings back tons of memories. Personally I don’t think it’s a pleasant scent but it reminds me of my pop-pop who I love and cherish dearly. I remember sitting at the lumber yard kicking around sawdust with my feet and spinning in an office chair.

Scent might be one of the strongest senses. It has the ability to trigger memories and emotion and often there is no explanation for it. The simplest of acts like walking into a grocery store or past a group of people will set off a series of feelings that weren’t there minutes before.

Glade® wants to help you create a space for the #bestfeelings in your home that is warm, inspiring and inviting with their Wax Melt Warmer and variety of scented refills. My local ShopRite carries a good mixture of scents including the new Limited Edition Spring Collection with fragrances like Live Loud, a fruit and floral blend of peonies and orange blossoms.Bringing Back Memories with Glade #meltsbestfeelings #cbias #shop

Bringing Back Memories with Glade #meltsbestfeelings #cbias #shop

Introducing a new scent into your home or work space can be invigorating or relaxing, whatever your mood dictates. Right now I’m sick of seeing the snow fall outside of our window and piling in our driveway so I’m melting Hawaiian Breeze to bring on the daydreams of white sand beaches, fruity umbrella drinks and warm sun.

Glade® offers a scent for just about any situation. With so many blends of fruit, spice and floral and anyone can produce a environment that is calm, soothing or electrifying.

Take advantage of the ShopRite’s everyday low price of $2.99 for Glade® Spring Collection Wax Melts. Plus when you shop for 5 Glade® Products and use your Price Plus card during 2/16-2/22 you’ll receive $3 off your NEXT shopping trip. You too can enjoy the #MeltsBestFeelings like the #CollectiveBias team. wax melts shelf