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Five Reasons Why you should take a Defensive Driving Course

Being a safe, contentious driver will certainly help keep you safe on the road. You’re courteous to other drivers, you’re patient and you always stick to the speed limit. Sadly, these skills might not be enough to keep you safe from other distracted and negligible drivers.

Thousands of accidents occur every year on our roads, and regardless of how capable you are behind the wheel, those skills mean very little when you’re up against a negligent and dangerous driver – call a personal injury law firm if you’ve been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault.  

Thankfully, signing up to a defensive driving course could help you avoid crashes with negligent drivers and keep your car and your health intact. Need some more information? Read on for five reasons why you should a defensive driving course.  

It might just save your life

It’s not just your life that could be saved, but those of your passengers and anyone else who could become involved in the accident. As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how diligent you are behind the wheel, accidents will happen when you least expect it. When you apply the skills you’ve learnt from your defensive driving course into real life, these skills can not only help you to proactively avoid hazards but also anticipate them.

Does defensive driving course lower insurance

Did you know that many car insurance providers offer discounts to those who have successfully completed a defensive driving course? It’s true! Not only that, if you can successfully apply your new driving skills and avoid a crash, you’ll also save money on car repairs, legal fees and expensive increases in your premiums.

You’ll refresh your driving knowledge

Has it been a while since you passed your test? Or are you lacking in confidence even though you recently passed your test? Taking a defensive driving course will give your driving knowledge a much-needed boost. You’ll be able to handle intersections better, drive safely in busy city centres, construction sites and of course on the highway. This knowledge means you’re less likely to get caught up in a crash. 

You’ll have good driving habits

Failing to indicate, parking poorly, dangerous overtaking and jumping traffic lights – all of these are common bad driving habits. When you take a defensive driving course you’ll get to focus on creating good driving habits. This means forming an escape plan every time you get behind the wheel, knowing what to do if you suddenly lose control, remaining calm, and checking and monitoring weather conditions. 

A better driving record

Perhaps you’ve been instructed to attend a defensive driving course because of a previous traffic violation. Completing the course means you get the best of both worlds. You’ll get your traffic violation revoked and it won’t impact your license and you also get good defensive driving skills for life. It’s a win, win!

Final thoughts…

Taking a defensive driving course means you get the opportunity to become a better driver. And as a result, you’re less likely to be in a car accident.