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How to Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis

At the end of a long day, all you want is to retreat to your bedroom and shut out the chaos of the world. Nothing’s worse than walking into a cluttered room with a lackluster appearance as you try to relax. Feeling frustrated or claustrophobic will dampen your relaxation experience, and it might make you stop trying before you feel at all restored. Take the time to turn your bedroom into an oasis and give yourself the sanctuary you deserve.

Color with Intention

Color has a significant effect on your mood. To destress, consider a fresh coat of paint in a cool, soothing hue. Shades of blue, gray, green, and purple have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. These shades can also make a space seem more expansive, so they’re a great choice for smaller bedrooms. To warm up the color palette, include warm-hued materials such as wood or natural fibers. Baseboards inject a fresh white and create contrast in what might be an otherwise stale room. If you want even more contrast, consider an accent wall in a neutral, complementing tone.
color with intention

Soft Lighting

Color is important not only on walls, but in lighting as well. To create the best calming energy, avoid white and fluorescent lights at all costs. These lights are glaring and reminiscent of office spaces and public bathrooms. An easy way to achieve soft lighting is to simply replace your existing lightbulbs with lower temperature bulbs marked between 2700K-3000K. If budget isn’t a concern, go a step further by investing in smart lighting systems such as the Philips Hue line that allow you to play with a variety of options and mood settings. Shades and curtains are also a great way to filter light source, and accent lighting will lend a tranquil finishing touch.

Proper Bedding

Color and design in the bedroom are important, but ultimately relaxation occurs in bed. Your bed should be the ultimate sanctuary, a place where you go to unwind and wake up feeling renewed and ready to take on a new day. As the largest piece of furniture, it’s also the focal piece in your room, and for these reasons, needs to be high on your list of priorities when decorating. High-quality bedding is not only indulgent, but has also been proven to come with significant health benefits. These fabrics and textures promote fewer wrinkles, fewer allergies, softer skin, and sounder sleep. Check out a luxury bedding website and find a lavish, comfortable set to rest your head on.

Cozy Rugs

Rugs are especially important for spaces with wooden floors during the colder seasons. If you place a cozy rug underneath the frame of your bed, it’ll be the first thing you feel after swinging your legs over in the morning. Touching down on a warm, soft surface rather than a cold, hard floor will start your morning off right and will make the first step of your day a positive one. Rugs are also a great way to accentuate with tones, textures, and fluidity. Sheepskin rugs are easily the softest material to bring into your bedroom, but wool and silk fabrics make great choices as well.

Cozy rugs

Bedside Blooms

Bring a little nature into your bedroom with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Studies have shown that female office workers reported being more relaxed when working next to a vase of flowers, and the same effect applies to the bedroom. They’ll provide sweet scents and stimulate feelings of peace and tranquility. Be sure to change your floral arrangement weekly to prevent stasis and decay, or for a lower-maintenance option, choose succulents instead. Succulents will require less water and are still an excellent addition to a Zen atmosphere.

Keep it Clean

Decluttering your space is one of the most important steps in turning your bedroom into your personal oasis. If your room is messy, you’ll never escape the ever-present feeling of needing to do something while you try to unwind and relax. Smooth, clean surfaces act as a balm on your brain, so be sure to eliminate all unnecessary junk and misplaced clothing. Consider purchasing a bookshelf for that stack of books collecting dust.

These top tips for transforming your bedroom into the ultimate space of relaxation show that designing can be fun and easy. Get started today—and start relaxing tomorrow.