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Tips for Parents to Raise Successful Children

Every parent wants their children to grow up to be successful adults. They are willing to provide them with the best education and enough facilities to study well and become successful. Sometimes it works, and the child does well in life. Yet, there are cases where children end up unemployed, or in prison and parents wonder what they did wrong. Researchers may claim to know the ‘secret’ to raising brilliant children, but the truth is that there is no exact way that you must raise your children. However, the following tips are informative – they tell you what you can do to ensure that your child stays on track, develops good values and does well in school.

1. Set an example

Children always look up to their parents. 2 in every 3 children consider their parents to be their role models. If you want your child to be successful, you have to be successful. It doesn’t mean that you need to run your own company, or earn a lot. Show your child how hard you work, and how far you’ve come in life. Even if you are a taxi driver or a nurse, you can still inspire your children to be successful in life by doing your job dedicatedly and sincerely.

2. Emphasis on building values

No matter how successful your child can become in life, it is important that he is grounded and disciplined. Teach them to say “Please” and “Thank you”. Explain to him that all men are equal; whether rich or poor. Building a good character will enable your child to make good joins down the road in life. If your child is equipped with good values, no amount of money or success will make him a bad man.

3. Make sure that they are one step ahead

As a parent, it is our duty to ensure that our children are one step ahead. Teach them how to say the alphabets, and count to 100 before they join school. When they are in school, encourage them to do extra reading before classes start. This habit will ensure that they are well prepared before classes begin, and are guaranteed to do well on their tests! It doesn’t mean that your child has to spend all their free time studying during holidays. They can devote three hours a day to study, and spend the rest of their time enjoying! This tip is bound to help your child to always be extra prepared before a big exam, or a business meeting in the future!

4. Make them do their chores

This is one rule that every parent should impose at home, if they haven’t already. Making your children do their chores will teach them how to become independent, and that is the biggest quality of a successful person. If your child can cook, or do the laundry, you can be assured that he will be able to take care of himself when he grows older. They shouldn’t get the feeling that somebody will always do all the work for them in life.

5. Encourage them to dream big

The worst thing that parents can tell their children is to ‘be realistic’. Our children should not have to settle for any less than they deserve. It may seem impossible for you to be able to pay for their college education, but telling them that will just demotivate them and squash their dreams. Children have high expectations. If you can encourage your child to follow his dreams, nothing can stop him from achieving it and becoming successful!

6. Give importance to extra-curricular activities

‘All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy’ is absolutely true! In order to be successful, your child must be encouraged to pick up a hobby, or learn something new. However, don’t force your child to do something they don’t enjoy. Parents tend to pressurize their children to take up a sport or join a class just because the parent likes it. Your child’s happiness is important, so let them explore different activities before deciding what they like. Extra-curricular activities are a great way to de-stress after a long day at school!

7. Teach them life skills

Another way to make your child successful in life is to equip them with life skills that will help them when they grow older. Teach them the importance of team work through sports. This will equip them to maintain a good relation with their colleagues when they start working later on in life. Encourage them to be helpful to others by taking them to visit and donate to lesser privileged people and orphans. This teaches your child that he has a certain responsibility towards the society, and he will always remember that, no matter how successful he becomes.

8. Send ‘positive vibes’ their way

Lastly, as a parent, we must always remain calm and cheerful around our children. There are times when we might be worried because of something that happened at work or a personal problem. When your child senses that you are stressed out or worried, it will affect them, and their performance. Emotional contagion is a phenomenon where people can ‘catch’ feelings from one another. If you are angry or stressed out, your child will also feel irritated and worried, and there will be only negativity in the house. Try to stay positive and cheerful around your children so that they can remain happy and focus on building their future and becoming successful.