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Seven Essential Packing Tips That Will Save You Valuable Space in Your Luggage


Have you just booked an exciting trip? Are you now in official countdown mode until you depart? Heading off on a vacation is always exciting, but there is one rather unpleasant chore that comes along with it, and that’s packing your suitcase. It always seems to start out okay, but before you know it, closing the lid can be next to impossible and the luggage ends up weighing more than a human being.

In order to avoid paying fees for luggage that is over the weight restriction, or worse yet, having to use multiple suitcases as well as paying an extra luggage fee, here are seven essential packing tips that will save valuable space in your suitcase.

Start with a List

It cannot be stressed enough just how helpful lists are when it comes to packing. Not only will it ensure you don’t forget anything, it helps you to stay organized and pack only what is needed. Nowadays you can find all kinds of packing apps that will also save your list and let you personalize list templates so you can use them for future trips. Try to stick to the rule that if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t belong in the suitcase.

Check the Weather in Advance

As you try to figure out what clothing to pack, you want to be sure you’ll be dressed for the weather conditions. Check the weather a few days before you leave to be sure that you’ve got the right type of items. It may be that you can remove clothing from your suitcase that won’t match up with the weather.

Wear the Biggest and Thickest Items

If possible, try to wear your biggest, thickets, and bulkiest items while traveling. This helps to save room in your suitcase, but you won’t have to leave the items behind.

Choose Versatile and Comfortable Shoes

Footwear is easily the bulkiest item that people tend to pack in their luggage. No matter how you place them in the suitcase, they just always seem to take up a lot of space, and if you aren’t mindful, your footwear will need a bag all of its own. Now there are some packing tips when it comes to shoes, and the first is to take only a couple of pairs. When narrowing down which shoes to take, think versatility and comfort. Shoes that can be dressed up or down are ideal, as they will be multi-purpose options.

Ideally you want to pack one pair of dressy shoes, a pair of walking shoes, and then if you’re visiting a beach – sandals. SSENSE is the perfect place to find a wide variety of shoes in all categories, sizes, heel heights, styles, and price points. Take for example a pair of stylish Gucci sneakers, which can work amazingly with jeans, shorts, capris, and even sundresses. SSENSE has much more than Gucci sneakers though, so you may want to check out their Gucci collection of designer footwear for yourself.

Get into the Habit of Rolling All Your Clothes

If you’re used to folding your clothes and then placing them in your suitcase, it’s time to switch up how you pack. Rolling your clothes not only saves space, but it also helps prevent wrinkling. It’s a win-win!

Now, with that said, there will still be some items that are better folded. This includes things such as denim jeans, and bulky sweaters and cardigans.

Use Travel-Sized Toiletries

Toiletries are another item that can really eat up a lot of space in your suitcase. A great way around this is to pack travel-sized items. Even things like your hairbrush/comb, makeup, sunscreen, and lotions can all be purchased in travel size. You can also inquire with your hotel about which toiletries they supply for free, which could help you with packing.

If you can’t find travel-sized bottles of your favorite toiletries and makeup, you can always improvise. Things like contact lens cases and empty travel-sized bottles can be filled with whatever you like.

Don’t Forget About the Extra Pockets

As a final tip, make sure you are taking advantage of all the space your suitcase has to offer. That includes interior and exterior pockets. You’d be amazed at just how much these pockets can fit as often they are expandable. Not only that, but it helps to keep the suitcase more organized. If your suitcase doesn’t have any pockets, then it may be time to invest in new luggage that better fits your needs.

Pack with Ease

By using all of these tips, sticking to the list, and staying organized as you pack, you will be surprised at just how much space you can save in your luggage. All that saved space makes it possible for you to do a little souvenir shopping while on your holidays.