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Owning My Strong with Mudderella

MudderellaA few weeks back an email crossed my desk and I thought. “That would be fun!”.

Then a couple weeks later I received another email saying “Congratulations, You’re in!”.

I was very excited at first. I called my friends and asked Sabreena if they wanted to join me. Then I watched a couple videos and then I knew I was in trouble. Why in the world did I think Mudderella would be a good idea.  What made me think this would be  an easy activity to get under my belt. I obviously didn’t realize it was a hardcore kick in the ass race and not one of those silly color runs
Mudderella  Obstacle Course Events #Mudderella2015 #ic #ad

Mudderella  Obstacle Course Events #Mudderella2015 #ic #ad

Mudderella  Obstacle Course Events #Mudderella2015 #ic #ad
I’m in for the long haul now.

Mudderella is so much more than a obstacle course though. Mudderella is all about empowering women. It’s about showing women that they can take pride in their strengths and weaknesses.  Mudderella is about making women (and men) aware that they can do what ever they put their minds to.  I’ve been lazy in the last year. I’ve been known to run, do yoga and Tae Bo and play Wii Fit.I signed up and agreed to participate this July because I knew it would give me that boost I needed to back to the lifestyle that benefits me.

On July 25th in Clarksburg, MD I’ll be joined by friends, my sister and Sabreena in probably one of the hardest things I’m ever going to do. I chose my team because I know we can work together and help each other and most of all support each other through the experience start to finish.

I’m starting with training. Since I’ve been a bump on a log for months I’m going to have to ease into it but after seeing the amazing tips and training routines that Mudderella recommends I’m sure I’m gonna be ready to tackle the mud, ropes, walls and whatever else they want to through at me.

Are you interested in Mudderella?  See if it’s coming to your town?

  • NY/NJ – May 9, 2015 – Englishtown, NJ
  • Chicago – May 30, 2015 – Richmond, IL
  • NorCal – June 27, 2015 – Vallejo, CA
  • Toronto – July 11, 2015 – Kitchener, ON Canada
  • Capital Region – July 25, 2015 – Clarksburg, MD
  • Colorado – August 22, 2015 – Snowmass Village, CO
  • Pittsburgh – September 12, 2015 – Slippery Rock, PA
  • Whistler – September 26, 2015 – Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC Canada
  • New England – October 3, 2015 – Thompson, CT

Want to join my team?  Have a great name for our team?   Want to see whats in store for me for the next 12 weeks?

Mudderella  Obstacle Course Events #Mudderella2015 #ic #adMudderella  Obstacle Course Events #Mudderella2015 #ic #ad