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What Am I Suppose To Do?

What is one suppose to do when they lose there passion at their job?

First off after being unemployed for 4 months at the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 I am thankful to have a job but I have lost my passion for it. When I accepted this job it wasn’t my 1st choice but at the time it was my ONLY choice. I started as a temp with the hopes of becoming a permanent employee which I was and still am told over and over will happen. I have been told this over and over since February and it is now almost October and guess what I am still a temp. I understand the economics of the situation but what is taking so long? Melinda and I have been without benefits since November 2009 so it is almost a year with no doctors’ visits or check ups or scheduled dental visits. Recently I needed a root canal which I am paying for out of my pocket for a grand total of $1,050 which isn’t chump change.

I think it is the fact that I am promised something over and over and it never comes to light that really has me bummed out. Again, don’t get me wrong I am extremely happy to be employed I just wish promises were kept and were followed through.

Sorry about the crabby post today!

Should Teens Work?

This was a question I asked myself before we moved to Delaware. I figured maybe this year Sabreena could try to get a job since she is 14 and places like Chick Fil A hire young teens.

I feel Sabreena getting a job would be good for her as it would teach her responsibility plus allow her to earn a couple of extra bucks during the summer. It is also good for her to start to build a resume and looks good on college applications.

Unfortunately summer is almost over and we haven’t taken Sabreena to find a job as of yet but I am planning on taking her with me to volunteer at the Food Bank of Delaware. I think I am slightly afraid to let Sabreena get a job with her starting high school this year at a new school. I don’t want her to feel pressured and bogged down with school work plus working. Volunteering is great for resumes and college applications. The only bad thing is she won’t make any money this summer.

Maybe next summer after she turns 15 and has a year of high school under her belt we will take her to find a job.

What age did you start working? What age do you feel teens should start working?