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Ways to Get Your Kids to Love School

One of the most dreaded times for parents is the moment just after summer. Maybe not for the same reason as kids, but they would be dealing with the grunts and frustrations as they help pack their books in their bags. ‘School’ is turning into this evil word you are not allowed to say in the house. But going back to school doesn’t have to be met with loathing or fear – they can be enthusiastic about it, eagerly anticipating the comfort of their lecture room seats.

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Yes, you can help your kids enjoy going to school, whether it’s their first time or they’ve been attending for years. Here are some of the ways.

Be involved in their learning

This isn’t hovering over them while they’re studying. Being involved means that you are prepared to step in when you see they are already feeling a bit stressed out. Even as simple as preparing their favourite snacks so they have something to munch on while studying helps. It’s important that they have someone in the house who values their learning but also gives importance to their well-being. Show them that there are ways to study their material without losing the love for learning just because there’s too much to learn in so little time. Remember that you’re their most influential role model, even if they spend most of their time in school.

Teach them to respect their teachers

Just like when you were a kid, there are teachers you’ve loved, and those you choose to forget. But teachers are a huge part of the school experience, so going with the emotions your kids are feeling towards some of their teachers is not going to help. Tell them that no matter what, their teachers are still older and should be respected. However, if a teacher isn’t respecting your child in return, make sure you go through the proper channels to deal with the situation.

Encourage extra curricular activities

School isn’t just about subjects, reports, and projects. It’s a chance to learn holistically, much like some of the IB schools in Singapore who ensures there are enough clubs and organisations the students can join so that they can get an opportunity to learn more about what interests them like art. This will give them something to look forward to after each school day, and indeed when summer is over.

Avoid packed schedules

Having said the previous tip, make sure that your kids don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to be doing. Help them manage their activities by going over schedule and discuss which ones need to be prioritised and which activities can be postponed for the time being. What you don’t want is for them to be burnt out, and resisting the urge to pack their schedule is one way to do so.

Create a routine

Your kids will have an easier time if you help them create a study routine. For instance, as soon as they come home from school, you can tell them to rest for a bit before doing their homework. Prepare their snacks and let them do anything they want to for an hour. After, they need to focus on finishing their homework, with you making sure you can help out when they already need assistance. Make sure that they won’t stay up too late so that they’ll feel refreshed the next day. So if you see that one subject is taking too long a time to finish, advise them to skip to another subject and work on the difficult subject together.

Their time in school can be one of the most memorable moments of their lives. It doesn’t have to be filled with memories of stress and overloaded work. Consider these in the coming school year and make it a fun experience.