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Trendy Wallpapers For The Children’s Room

Maybe you have chosen to renovate a room, maybe you have moved into a new home, maybe you have taken on a redesigning project, maybe you are preparing a nursery, no matter what the reason is – revamping a space completely can be expensive and tiresome. One of the biggest projects involve the walls, switching up the color of the walls can make the room look completely new.


A paint job is a lot of work and also expensive, not to mention the paint fumes in the starting days. Time-consuming is another thing altogether. If you want to switch up your walls without spending a lot of money, time, or effort, then decals or wallpapers are the best way to go.

Wallpapers are easy to install, comparatively cheaper, and also easy to switch. You can choose the design you want, get custom ones made, and add your personality in the room, or your children’s if you let them choose.

Choosing children’s room wallpaper can be easy and difficult at the same time. While it is easy to impress them with something that they are interested in, it is difficult in the sense of versatility. Children grow, and their tastes keep changing. What they look today can change in a few minutes. They are very indecisive, so we go ahead and make decisions for them.

Some children know exactly what they want. These children again are easy and difficult. Making the decision becomes easy, but then they will let you know as soon as they grow out of the design.


One of the other things is to consider is the material of the said wallpaper. Depending on your child’s age, you can experiment with what material works best for them. There are many such as natural wallpaper, metallic wallpaper, flock wallpaper, textile wallpaper, glass bead wallpaper, crushed wallpaper, leather wallpaper, effect foil wallpaper, etc.

Having some textures makes it fun for the children. Children are mostly driven towards bright colors. Anything a little loud with interesting imagery is going to interest a tiny tot. If your kid is in pre-primary or kindergarten then getting them a wallpaper that has characters from their favorite stories, cartoons, poems, or fun characters, in general, can be a good idea. They won’t be growing out of them soon.

If they are on the verge of entering primary or are already in primary then you might want to tone it down a bit. While interesting imagery is still enticing to them, they start growing out of the loud pops of colors. Most children start developing their own taste and having favorite characters that are different than the earlier choice, which generally is whatever is popular and common in the masses.

If your child will soon be getting into secondary schooling, then subdued is the way to go. You cannot go wrong with a plain wallpaper with some pattern that either can be geometric or repetitive. It is usually the most basic, and you don’t have to worry about your children growing out of it, because it isn’t personal, to begin with.

Should you let your children choose the wallpaper for their room?

Definitely, yes! Letting children make decisions is a great way to teach them about responsibility. Letting them be responsible for decorating their own space makes them understand and appreciate the space better and also connect with their space better. Having put some thought into it, they learn to take care of everything as well as be appreciative of the work that goes into bringing anything to reality.

Custom decals and wallpapers might go on the pricier side because after all, they are custom made for you, so you need to check the price, calculate the entire cost for the amount of wallpaper your space might need, and see if it fits in your budget. In my opinion, even though custom wallpapers are a bit expensive they are totally worth it, but I have found websites with such wide range of design options that you might not even need to think of going custom.

That being said, there are many online stores nowadays that will deliver your choice of wallpaper to your door in the exact measurements you need. There are also places that will make custom decals for you. It has become easier, so you can let your child’s imagination run wild.