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Mighty Fine Tees for kids and adults

Even as an adult Rob likes fun tees. And as an adult Rob collected comic books of all kinds. His faves were Marvel and Scooby Doo. The iconic Marvel images have been captured on Mighty Fine tees for grown-ups and kids. Here is Rob and Shaun in their very own Mighty Fine tees!

Mighty Fine tees and knit tops embody a carefree, casual California lifestyle by using American images, vintage styles and irreverent graphics. These tees along with other designs such as Hello Kitty, Sesame Street and more are available at fine boutiques, specialty stores, department stores and online.

Both Rob’s and Shaun’s tees are a soft velvety cotton with a screen printed image.  Rob’s especially has a retro feel probably coming from the pale gray color. I recieved another tee, too small for Shaun so it was gifted to my BFF’s  almost 5 year old Super Hero fanatic!  He loves it.  I think the sizes run a tad small so I would upsize at least for boys.

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