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All I want is 10 minutes!

How many times has that been yelled through a bathroom door, while leafing through a magazine, on a phone call or catching up on a fave show? Parents are always on the move whether in the office or at home; due-dates looming, kids rough-housing, phones ringing, dinner cooking, dirty floors, laundry piling up or in our case a whole house that needs to be packed. We all need to carve out some time for ourselves. We all need a recharge, a moment of reflection, a reality check.

But is 10 minutes really enough? What can you do with 10 minutes?

  • Take a shower
  • Paint your nails
  • Watch a sunset/sunrise
  • Snap some nature photos in the yard
  • Peruse through old baby photos
  • Read a newspaper/internet article you bookmarked a week ago
  • Make haircut, dentist, doctor, massage and pedicure appointments.

How do you get your “me” time? Do you and your partner get equal “me” time? I’m lucky; Shae takes a great nap each day where I get about 1-2 hours of quiet time. Maybe it’s not all “me” time but it’s relaxed so I can fold laundry, prep dinner or watch a show without interruption. I use this time each day differently but I love every minute of it!