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Do You See AC As A Luxury Or Necessity?

Our AC broken on Sunday afternoon so we have been without AC since then. It hasn’t even been a full two days but I have been complaining up a storm. I have been complaining about how hot it is in the house, how long it is taking the people to come out to fix it, etc. The last two days have been warm I would say high 80’s to low 90’s but not very humid and again it hasn’t been a full two days yet. Granted the house temperature fluctuates between 82 and 88 but still in the scheme of things it hasn’t been excessively hot and humid like it was last week.

Someone is suppose to come out today between 10am-2pm (still not at the house yet) and hopefully it will be fixed lord willing. It is crazy because AC is a luxury to most but people probably view it as a necessity (I know I do). I know for a fact that there are a lot of people who don’t have AC in the house and here I am complaining about it not working for two days.

This experience has made me appreciate the things that I do have luxuries or not.

Do you view AC as a luxury or a necessity and be honest.