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Olives and Applesauce Baby Carrier

I’m a baby wearer; well I used to be anyway. With Sabreena and Shaun all I knew about carriers were the Baby Bjorn style. But when I was pregnant with Shae I learned there was so much more out there in terms of comfort, color, purpose and style.

My favorite baby carrier when she was an infant was a Peanut Shell sling. It cradled her tight and she always fell asleep. I was then introduced to a Moby Wrap. I used it all the time; the park, the beach, apple picking, the mall. It was fabulous until I started worrying that the material was too stretchy under her growing weight. My holds didn’t feel as secure as they once did so I stopped using it. I then periodically used a Didymos wraparound sling, same concept at the Moby but no stretch. This style didn’t work for me, it was probably user error though because my arms would fall asleep if I tried the back carry. So this winter there was no baby-wearing for me.

The heavens must have had pity on me and realized my sadness because I was sent a full buckle mei tai carrier from Olives and Applesauce. First I want to say how much I love this stunningly gorgeous fabric. Second, it is so well padded that the straps didn’t twist and dig the way another not-worthy enough to be mentioned Mei Tai did when Shae was only 20lbs. The greatest bonus for me was being able for the 1st time to put her on my back with no assistance. Shae and I ran some errands on Saturday and each time I got her out of the car I strapped her to my back instead of grabbing the stroller. She wrapped her little arms around me the entire time like that was where she was supposed to be. I thank Olives and Applesauce for a fabulous design and bringing me back to baby-wearing.

Like most mommy-friendly products out there, Olives and Applesauce was born out of necessity. Being a new mom, Caren (mother of Olives and Applesauce) found herself constantly holding her 1st son and letting the world pass her by. When a friend introduced her to baby-wearing she soon realized that life didn’t have to the way it was. She quickly got back into a routine of living with her son close by and hasn’t turned back since. And with baby #3 on the way life is only going to get more hectic but all is good when her boys are close to her heart.