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Things New Moms Should Be Prepared For


It might seem like 9 months is a long time and you will have to wait forever before the baby comes, but trust me you will get the new baby before you know it. Meanwhile, the best way to utilize those 9 months is to be prepared for the baby. Think ahead about what you need to be ready for. I am here to provide you with tips on what new moms should be prepared for.

6 Things New Moms Should Be Prepared for:

  1. Trust Your Instincts: You should realize that it is your baby and you carried him for 9 months and that you two are connected. Trusting your instinct. I mean do not to look up every single thing in google. Google might often confuse you when it comes to these things. If Google says you need to feed the baby every 3 hours and your baby starts crying after 2 hours then screw Google. If you think your baby is hungry, then feed him. No need to trust Google on everything.
  2. Learn the signals: It will take your baby at least a year to start speaking a bit, but what should you do before that? Learn some common cues that the baby does. The baby will not simply start crying all of a sudden, it will start to suck fingers, reach out with arms and legs etc. Look out for these cues and when you see them, start feeding him/her before the screaming or crying starts.
  3. Learn to use the time: As per research, a newborn baby sleeps almost about 16 to 17 hours a day. Use that time to get yourself some sleep. Most common problem with new moms is the lack of sleep. They always complain about not getting enough sleep. What you should do is sleep along with the baby and not clean room or do any other chores. Get your 8-9 hours’ sleep every day when the baby sleeps. It is not essential for the baby to sleep all night, he might wake up 4 hours before the sunrise, so the best way to deal with sleep is to sleep when the baby is asleep.
  4. Home for the baby: Most of the new moms do not have big enough homes to raise their babies. You will need to give him a separate room. As the baby starts to grow, more privacy will be required. The best thing to do here is to either extend your house and make it bigger or buy a new house. Now, you do not need to worry too much when it comes to buying a new house with not so good credit history or with a little money. You can easily get a bad credit mortgage loan if you want to. There are a lot of online mortgage lenders that can help new parents such as LendingTree, CitiMortgage, Navy Federal etc.
  5. Pediatrician: You need to start looking for a good family doctor for the baby. A good pediatrician is really essential for the time when the baby is growing. The best time to look for a good pediatrician is during the pregnancy. Take help from your partner and both go out and look for the best doctor out there during the pregnancy period.
  6. Divide The chores: Sit with your partner and talk about the chores before the baby comes. You will not be able to do all the household chores alone after the baby arrives. You will need help from your partner. Make a list of all the household works and decide who gets to do what.


Raising a baby can be really tough at first, but planning ahead can make things a lot easier. Read more and more books during the pregnancy and ask for advice from other veteran mothers. Good luck!